In The Wake of C.F. Kryder: Clarence Frank Kryder (third from the left) examines blueprints for the proposed Fairfield Avenue Elevation of the Nickel Plate Railroad, Fort Wayne, Indiana, June 2 , 1942. Inextricably tied to his missing real estate and insurance fortune through North American Properties, Inc., are (left to right) the Fort Wayne International Harvester and Magnavox Companies, Lincoln Tower, and the Fort Wayne Bank Building.

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Location of Fort Wayne National Corporation/Fort Wayne National Bank, Lincoln National Corporation/Lincoln Bank and Trust Company, and Salin Bank and Trust in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. Salin was Indiana Secretary of State 1969-1970 when numerous Indiana Corpoation Records were lost forever. He went own to purhase a number of Farmers and Maerchants banks, consolidating into Indiana's largest privately-wned bank, Salin Bank.

Also located in the Fort Wayne Bank Building: Bordner and Felger, Baker and Daniels, Beers, Mallers, Backs, and Salin; Central Soya and some North American Van Lines Offices (formerly).

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Where is Kryder's Money?

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