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The Indiana Time Line is divided into three pages.  On any page, Click on Years to Return to that Year on a page in the Indiana Main Time Line. Historical notes and corporations in other states are in brown ink, banks are in green ink.

INDIANA MAIN TIME LINE p.1 1739 through 1929

Beginning of Federal Banking; Civil War, Union Pacific Railroad, WWI, The Great Depression

p.2 1930 -1970 | p.3 1970 to present

Birth: 1739 in Alsace,Germany; Death: 1803
| John KRYDER Jr. | b. 9 Aug 1768 | d. 31 Oct 1828 | & Anna STORM | b. 27 Nov 1773 | d. 27 Jan 1831, Plain Township - Stark County OH | m. 1791, Buffalo Valley - then Northumberland County PA |


George III Proclamation of 1763 prohibited white settlers from residing west of the Appalachians but allowed certain licensed individuals into the area for hunting, trapping, and trading.


First Bank of the United States, a private institution, was chartered by Bank of England in 1791

1794 Gen. Mad Anthony Wayne completed and occupied the fort...


History and Digest of the International Arbitrations to which the United States Has Been a Party By John Bassett Moore, Washington Government Printing Office, 1898. p.4489 The Florida Treaty; 1795. 

Anthony Wayne concluded the Treaty of Greenville with Fort Wayne area Indians, which Miami Chief Pacan signed.

John Kryder III (Clarence Frank Kryder's Grandfather) b. 11 Oct 1800, Center County, Tenn d. 31 Dec 1895, Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co IN m. Elizabeth Pepple b. 21 Oct 1805, d. 9 Aug 1879, Cedar Creek Township, Allen Co IN; Alonzo Kryder b. 14 Jul 1830, Stark Co. OH;Dr. John Kryder b. 22 Dec 1833, Stark Co. OH; Tisby Ann Kryder b. 11 Apr 1836, Stark Co. OH; Eliza Ann Kryder b. 10 Sep 1839, Stark Co. OH d. 24 May 1840, Stark Co. OH; Harrison Walter Kryder b. 16 Sep 1840, Stark Co. OH; Magdalene Kryder b. 24 May 1843, Fort Wayne IN; Emmeline Kryder b. 14 Jun 1846, Cedar Creek Township - Allen Co I

Abraham B. DISLER (Minnie V. Disler's Grandfather) Given Name: Abraham B. Surname: Disler Sex: M Birth: 1805 in Stark Co.,Ohio Note: There are other sons not listed:Father: Jacob DISLER b: 1780 in ,York County, Pennsylvania, USA Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown Children John DISLER Jacob DISLER Samuel DISLER (Minnie's Father) Henry DISLER


The First National Bank of Mishawaka 101 Lincoln Way East Mishawaka,IN 46544 FDIC Certificate #: 4363 Date Established: 1/1/1800

The First National Bank in Punta Gorda Main Street Punta Gorda,FL 33950 FDIC Certificate #: 13638 Date Established: 1/1/1800 ; Barnett Bank; Bank of America

Colonial Bank of Waterbury 81 West Main Street Waterbury,CT 06720 FDIC Certificate #: 6 Date Established: 1/1/1800

1/2/1800 Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail DB31-P442 PLAT 01-02-1800 07:01 AM $0.00 1 page Parties EVANSVILLE VANDERBERG CO TO


(PNC Bank)


Office of the Fort Wayne Indian Agency est.

First U.S. bank failure, Rhode Island


Commercial Bank of Scotland (established 1810)


4/1/1815 Birth of Otto von Bismarck


Second Bank of the United States chartered for 20 years

Indiana became a state; Thomas Lincoln, father of Abraham, moved to Indiana; Chief Jean-Baptist de Richardville became Chief of the Miami Indians; John Kryder was commissioner of early Bethlehem Township, Stark County, Ohio and member of county board in Lake Township;


1/13/1918 Mary Ann Todd was born in Lexington, Kentucky;


Panic of 1819

Samuel Hanna, of Scott County Kentucky, father of Fort Wayne's roads and railroads, arrived in Fort Wayne. He opened a mercantile with his cousin James Barnett.


First Wed. in May, Charter of the Aetna Life Insurance Company


Farmers Loan and Trust Company chartered


Monroe Doctrine

Chemical Bank of New York est.

Allen Hamilton arrived in Fort Wayne with Col. Vance, to work as clerk in the government land office.

John T. Barr and John McCorkle acquired Lot 107 and Lot 108 Original Plat (future site of Shoaff Building) from government.


The "American System" was conceived;

(=Aetna) JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association 1111 Polaris Parkway Columbus,OH 43240 FDIC Certificate #: 628 Date Established: 1/1/1824 Secretary of

War Secretary John C. Calhoun created within the War Department, the Bureau of Indian Affairs

Henry Clay first used the term “American System” in 1824, to describe a system of internal improvements (such as roads and canals) to connect the nation, financed by tariff and land sales revenues


National Bank of Scotland (established 1825)


Erie Canal opened.


d. Metea, of poisoning

Chief Jean Baptiste de Richardville House ( mansion) built


Citizens Financial Group (established 1828) of Rhode Island see Royal Bank of Scotland 1988


9/07/1829 Town of Fort Wayne was incorporated.

National Westminster Bank formed in 1968, when National Provincial Bank (established 1833), along with its subsidiary District Bank (established 1829), and Westminster Bank (established 1836), agreed to merge (see Royal Bank of Scotland 2000).


Building and Loan Associations first organized to assist people in owning homes

The mechanical reaper was invented by Cyrus Hall McCormick.


Samuel Hanna, (along with James Barnett, Allen Hamilton and Francis Comparet) was the state of Indiana's financial agent for the construction of the old Wabash and Erie Canal

6/5/1832 William W Wells to John Spencer Lot 5 Wells Reserve (+ 99 years, S.B. Shoaff transfers Lot 1

7/1/1832 Founding of Jardines, Matheson & Co in Canton

The Bank of Nova Scotia, was founded

Argos, Indiana land purchased from the Pottawatami Indians


President Andrew Jackson made federal deposits in 23 state banks, referred to at the time as "pet banks."

National Westminster Bank formed in 1968, when National Provincial Bank (established 1833), along with its subsidiary District Bank (established 1829), and Westminster Bank (established 1836), agreed to merge (see Royal Bank of Scotland 2000).

8/16/1833 Original Plat of Fort Wayne recorded


NBD Bank, National Association One Indiana Square, Suite M-1010 Indianapolis,IN 46266 FDIC Certificate #: 4346 Date Established: 1/1/1834

Old National Bank 416-420 Main Street Evansville,IN 47705 FDIC Certificate # 4393 Date Established: 11/11/1834

6/7/1834 Birth of Thomas Hedekin, Zanesville


State Bank of Indiana was chartered; Hugh McCulloch was cashier and manager of the Fort Wayne Branch, aka the beginning of Fort Wayne National Bank; first German locomotive ran

Aetna of Hartford suffered heavy losses due to the New York Fire; J.P.Morgan's grandfather, a modest inn keeper acquired most of the company's stock


National Westminster Bank formed in 1968, when National Provincial Bank (established 1833), along with its subsidiary District Bank (established 1829), and Westminster Bank (established 1836), agreed to merge (see Royal Bank of Scotland 2000).

Jardine Matheson promoted the founding of Hong Kong


Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail B0A-P10 PLAT 09-15-1838 09:19 AM $0.00 2 pages Parties CEDARVILLE TO


Bank One, Indiana, National Association 111 Monument Circle Indianapolis,IN 46277 FDIC Certificate #: 4345 Date Established: 1/1/1839


2/22/1840 A new Charter for the City of Fort Wayne, authored by Hon. Franklin P. Randall, was passed at the 1839-40 session of the Indiana Legislature.

Jardines, Matheson & Co illiegal opium trade from India to China caused two Opium Wars

1843 6/22/1843 John Kryder III came to Cedarville where he resided until his death in 1895

6/17/1843 John Kryder from Thomas Pritchard...

1844 Hedekin House erected on Barr Street, Fort Wayne, for many years the leading hostelry


Florida was admitted to the Union; David Levy Yulee, a supporter of slavery married to the ex-governor (or by some accounts Postmaster General) of Kentucky's daughter, was elected senator and became known as the "Father of Florida's Railroads..."

National City Bank 1900 East Ninth Street Cleveland,OH 44114 FDIC Certificate #: 6557 Date Established: 5/17/1845

1845 Chief Coessie died ; remains put in vault First National Bank, Columbia City; Little Turtle grandson


AOI Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company

Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft (Hamburg-America Line or Hapag),


Mr. Hedekin, Sr. grocery opened at corner of Columbia and Barr


11/14/1848 The National Life Insurance Company (Aetna)

National Life celebrates its Vermont roots. We believe National Life has prospered over the past 160 years because of - not in spite of - our location. At our core we retain the drive, the sense of purpose and sense of responsibility that prompted our founders in 1848

Semmering-Railway, double-track railway between Vienna (Austria) and Trieste ( Italy), built1848-1854


Thomas Ewing, of Ohio, was Postmaster General in Taylor's Cabinet; Thomas Ewing used his senatorial influence to purchase 510,000 acres of Virginia Land Scrip from "large dealers"

Congress shifted the Indian Office from the Department of War to the newly created Department of the Interior;

Sion Bass was employed by the western fur traders, Ewing, Chute, and Company;


AOI Phoenix Mutual Life aka American Temperance Life Insurance Company;

Proposed amendment to the Stark Co. Mutual Insurance Co., by Mr. Kryder;

Ewing , Chute & Company in Fort Wayne


Wells Fargo "founded"

Wells Fargo Bank, National Association 464 California Street San Francisco,CA 94120 FDIC Certificate #: 1230 Date Established: 1/1/1852


Fifth Third Bank One Vandenberg Center Grand Rapids,MI 49503 FDIC Certificate #: 993 Date Established: 1/1/1853

Part of Lot 108 Original Plat sold to Francis L. Aveline

9/15//1853 First overland mail stages simultaneously left St.Louis and San Francisco; American Central Insurance incorporated in St. Louis as Atlantic Mutual Insurance.

Bass Foundry established


American Trust Company "founded" as The Accumulating Fund Assn

(Wells Fargo Bank) Norwest Bank Texas, South, National Association 40 Northeast Loop 410 San Antonio,TX 78216 FDIC Certificate #: 5511 Date Established: 1/1/1854


State Bank of Indiana name changed to The Bank of the State of Indiana Branch at Fort Wayne, Hugh McCulloch elected president.

Dime Savings Institution was chartered in St. Louis, MO.


The North American Review; By Edward Everett , James Russell Lowell , Henry Cabot Lodge Published 1856 University of Northern Iowa; 17F; Veron's Memoirs

Incorporation of the Russell Trust

Wells Fargo Bank Nebraska, National Association 1919 Douglas Street Omaha,NE 68103 FDIC Certificate #: 5457 Date Established: 10/1/1856

It was reported that notes were circulated bearing the name Indiana State Bank at Bloomfield, Indiana when there was no such bank in existence.


Indiana National Bank was founded, of The State Bank of Indiana.

Hartford City, Blackford County, Indiana incorporated

Norddeutscher Lloyd (NDL), based in Bremen

Financial panic caused nearly every bank in the country to suspend "the payment of specie;" American Trust Company "founded" as The Accumulating Fund Assn became the Savings & Loan Society;

3/2/1857 AOI The Mutual Life Insurance Company of the State of Wisconsin, aka Northwestern Mutual Life

7/4/1857 Dissolution of the Partnership Ewing, Chute & Co.,; George W. Ewing the survivor of the partnership W. G. and G. W. Ewing

11/1857 Fort Wayne and Chicago RR lease + 99 =1956 or + 22 x 5 =110 =1966 granted to Goodfellow

11/13/1966 PEPSICO, INC. : 700 ANDERSON HILL ROAD Tax Dept., PURCHASE, NY 10577: 1988020501 Creation : 02/15/1988 Inactive : Original Creation : 11/13/1966 Original Creation State: NC Other Names 02/15/1988 PFS Pepsico Temporarily Bought Out North American Van Lines for 22 million in stock shares via K.W. Maxfield , vice-president of SPEDCO which was already a Pepsico subsidiary; in 1966 Pepsico wrote off 12 million in excess construction costs for its sugar beet plant in Montezuma, New York


4/2/1858 Fort Wayne and Chicago RR lease + 99 =1957 or + 22 x 5 =110 =1967 Lots 6-7 Ayres Add granted to 3 individuals

see: 1967 Water Works Revenue 1967


(Wells Fargo Bank) First Interstate Bank of Utah, National Association 180 South Main Street Salt Lake City,UT 84142 FDIC Certificate #: 1261 Date Established: 1/1/1859

8/2/1859 Fort Wayne and Chicago RR lease + 99 =1968 or + 22 x 5 =110 =1969 20 Lots Lewis Add granted to John Hough

/30/1858 Death of Otto von Bismarck

10/20/1858 Samuel Disler Spouse Name: Catherine Shirey Marriage Date: 20 Oct 1858 Marriage County: Dekalb Performed By: James Blake Source Title 1: DEKALB COUNTY, INDIANA Source Title 2: EARLY MARRIAGE RECORDS 1837 - 1882 Source Title 3: BOOK II OS Page: 68


"The Straus Brothers" was founded in Ligonier, Indiana commencing the first generation of Straus investors; John D. Hough, Aetna agent in Fort Wayne; John Kryder was Republican candidate for Representative to the Indiana State legislature; Abraham Lincoln was Republican candidate for President

Census:Samuel Disler Age in 1860: 24 Birth Year: abt 1836 Birthplace: Ohio Home in 1860: Cedar Creek, Allen, Indiana Gender: Male Post Office: Leo Value of real estate: View image Household Members: Name Age Abraham Disler 54 Mary Disler 54 Jacob Disler 25 Henry Disler 22 Franklin Disler 8 Paarbe Disler 13 Samuel Disler 24 Catharine Disler 20

4/03/ Pony Express was launched, cutting mail delivery time in half.

9/01/1860 Dissolution of S.C. Evans & Co.; survivor "New York Cash Store"

11/06/1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the United States of America.


First transcontinental telegraph was completed; The "Central route" of the Pony Express became the path of the first transcontinental railroad

2/09/1861 Jefferson Davis was elected president of the Confederate States of America, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Lousiana, Mississippi and South Carolina in which all U.S. land was claimed confiscate.

3/04/1861 Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated.

4/17/1861 Virginia and North Carolina seceded.

("...May 16, 1861 issue. While these bonds had a perfectly reasonable ten year maturation, they were to become fully convertible into treasury notes in July of 1863. These notes were redeemable for coin upon demand." - U.S. Banking historical reference)

8/9/1861 Houghs Subdivision Plat


Standard Bank of British South Africa chartered

Harrison Walter Kryder, son of John Kryder III and Eliza K. Pepple, married Mary Ann Treace (alt. Trease), a full-blooded Indian chief's daughter, 1/01/1862.

    • Summit Bank of Marion 402 South Washington Street Marion,IN 46952 FDIC Certificate #: 4357 Date Established: 1/1/1862
    • Colorado National Bank 918 17th Street Denver,CO 80202 FDIC Certificate #: 3010 Est.: 1/1/1862

Ben Holladay acquired the Central Overland California line. When he disposed of his holdings the successor was Wells, Fargo & Company.

Chartered by Congress in 1862 to build part of the first trans-continental railway, the Union Pacific Railroad was given thousands of acres of public lands, generous loan grants along with the rights to borrow private capital.


8/2/1862 Fort Wayne and Chicago RR lease + 99 =1961 or + 22 x 5 =110 =1972 Lewis Add alleys granted to Fort Wayne

9/22/1862 First Emancipation Proclamation


The National Banking Act of 1863 (Amendments in 1864 and 1865) was passed; Wells Fargo & Company delivered the government's Civil War Relief Funds; First National Bank of Indiana was the eleventh in the United States organized under the new laws, founded by J.D. Nuttman, its first president; beginning of Star Bank in Ohio

"First National Bank of Canton was established in 1863 and received one of the earliest national charters in existence, granted on the first day that such charters were issued."

National City Bank of Kentucky 101 South Fifth Street Louisville,KY 40232 FDIC Certificate #: 2756 Date Established: 1/1/1863

01/08/1863 John P. Usher of Indiana was appointed to Lincoln's cabinet as secretary of the interior.

5/11/1863 John and Elizabeth Kryder deed

Fort Wayne National Bank , no. 11, was chartered in 5/22/1863, Charter signed by Hugh McCulloch, 1863 under The National Bank Act as the Fort Wayne National Bank ; opened 7/1/1863

  • Bank One, National Association 1 Bank One Plaza Chicago,IL 60670 FDIC Certificate #: 3618 Established: 7/1/1863

7/13/1863 U.S. Bank National Association established.

First Financial Bank, National Association 643-645 Wabash Avenue Terre Haute,IN 47808 FDIC Certificate #: 4382 Date Established: 8/3/1863

The Central Trust Company of Northeastern Ohio, N. A. 101 Central Plaza, South Canton,OH 44702 FDIC Certificate #: 6541 Date Established: 8/8/1863 Bank Charter Class: National Bank Date of Deposit Insurance: 1/1/1934

  • JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association 1111 Polaris Parkway Columbus,OH 43240 FDIC Certificate #: 628 Date Established: 1/1/1824 Bank Charter Class: National Bank Date of Deposit Insurance: 1/1/1934

The Huntington National Bank of Indiana 108 East Main Street Danville,IN 46122 FDIC Certificate #: 4332 Date Established: 9/23/1863

10/03/1863 Charter of the Fort Wayne "Brotherhood of the Footboard," beginning of labor unions in Fort Wayne.

Wells Fargo Bank Illinois, National Association 200 East Main Street Galesburg,IL 61401 FDIC Certificate #: 3667 Date Established: 12/15/1863


The 1864 homestead of Harrrison and Mary Ann was on the site of Metea's Village in Section 28, Cedar Creek Township. (The Town of Cedarville, Indiana was platted over the Reservation. Mary Ann, born in Maryland according to census records, was the mother of Clarence F. Kryder. She died in 1879 when Clarence was ten. Harrison W. Kryder remarried twice before his death in 1924);

Canada: "The Merchants Bank was founded as a private commercial bank in 1864 by a close-knit group of Haligonian merchants."

beginning of business of DeKalb County Bank, Waterloo.

First Tennessee Bank, National Association 165 Madison Avenue Memphis,TN 38101 FDIC Certificate #: 4977 Date Established: 1/1/1864

Wells Fargo Bank Michigan, National Association 101 West Washington Street Marquette,MI 49855 FDIC Certificate #: 5067 Date Established: 1/22/1864

1/12/1864 Judge Samuel Hanna became a director of Fort Wayne National Bank (First National/ Old National)

2/19/1864 Knights of Pythias founded in Washington, DC

4/16/1864 John Kryder sold to Henry Snyder the E 1/2 of the SE 1/4 S20/R32/T13/b 35 p 340

8//1864 Charter of The Fort Wayne Typographical Union.

Star Bank, National Association, Kentucky 50 East Rivercenter Boulevard Covington,KY 41011 FDIC Certificate #: 2687 Date Established: 11/18/1864

Star Bank, National Association, Aurora 340 Second Street Aurora,IN 47001 FDIC Certificate #: 4313 Date Established: 12/9/1864

12/12/1864 Brotherhood of the Footboard changed name to The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.


Organized January 1865- Fort Wayne National Bank

1/01/1865 Coupons and Gold Bond interest due on Placerville and Sacramento Valley Railroad, payable at Wells, Fargo, & Co.

3/07/ 1865, Hugh McCulloch, president of the State Bank of Indiana, entered President Lincoln's cabinet as secretary of the Treasury, succeeding Salmon P. Chase.

04/14/1865 Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in Washington, DC.

04/15/1865 John P. Usher of Indiana became consulting attorney for the Union Pacific Railroad.

On May 15, 1865, a wagon train carrying high ranking government officials, the personal baggage of Jefferson Davis, documents, and the remains of the Confederate Treasury, $25,000.00 in gold coin by rumor, rolled into Florida, attempting to elude federal agents, rendezvous with Davis in Texas and perhaps start over in Cuba or the Bahamas. They stopped in at Senator David Levy Yulee' s Cotton Wood Plantation in Archer, Florida where Yulee's wife informed them Jefferson Davis had been captured. Camped on the embankment of the Florida railroad the group decided to split the money and scatter. Though finally arrested and tried for treason, the officials were all pardoned and given high-ranking positions in the new federal government while the gold was never ofund.

(Lincoln National) Norwest Bank Red Wing, National Association 401 Plum Street Red Wing,MN 55066 FDIC Certificate #: 5233 Date Established: 6/20/1865

August 1865 Fort Wayne National Bank succeeded The Bank of the State of Indiana.

(Wells Fargo Bank, National Association) First Interstate Bank of Oregon, National Association 1300 S.W. Fifth Avenue Portland,OR 97208 FDIC Certificate #: 2915 Date Established: 9/8/1865


Nietzsche Briefwechsel: kritische Gesamtausgabe By Friedrich Nietzsche; note 17F. p 388 Kinderlarm; 1866

Gold mines of the Pacific were connected to markets of the East by The Overland Stage Line and The Overland Dispatch Company, linking capitalists of New York, St. Louis and San Francisco.

A new organization, "The Holladay Overland Mail and Express Company" made a special arrangement with the government to bring mail regularly to Virginia City.

1/22/1866 Charter of The National Traveler's Insurance Company (Metropolitan) filed in New York;

May 1866: Ku Klux Klan organized in Pulaski, Tenn


11/24/1866 Charter of the Fort Wayne cigar makers union


Aetna (Hartford, CT) "issued its first farm mortgage loan in 1867, and by 1872 had 27% of its assets in farm mortgages. From that start, the company rose to become one of the two largest national firms in the farm mortgage field."

Rockefeller, Andrews & Flagler organized in Cleveland, Ohio


Wells Fargo Bank Iowa, National Association 666 Walnut Street Des Moines,IA 50309 FDIC Certificate #: 4448 Date Established: 1/1/1868

Corporation of Foreign Bond Holders; Samuel Hanna, Hugh McCulloch directors

Rockefeller, Andrews & Flagler world's largest petroleum refiner

3/24/1868 The National Traveler's Insurance Company name changed to Metropolitan Life Insurance Company; Pioneer Mutual Life Insurance Co, Fargo, ND was formed as a fraternal benefit society.

REAL ESTATE SERVICE INC: 193049A139 Creation Date: 4/23/1868 Inactive Date: 1/1/1978

Mary Todd Lincoln with her son Tad, traveled to Frankfurt and remained there for the next three years petitioning Congress for a president's widow's pension


Federal charter in Canada: Merchants' Bank of Halifax.

Clarence Frank Kryder, farmer and real estate developer, was born in August, Cedar Creek Township; Henry Meigs became contractor for the Transandine Railroad.

Horatio Nelson Lay sold railway bonds in London, hired British engineers to design and build railways in Japan, purchased the necessary equipment for the Meiji government.

9/24/1869 Black Friday; Fisk-Gould Scandal financial panic


In the 1870's land brochures extolling the virtues of the soil attracted Indiana Quakers to Archer, Florida ;

Atlantic Mutual Insurance St. Louis changed its name to American Central Life.

Camden State Bank (Salin Bank and Trust Company) 156 Main Street Camden,IN 46917 FDIC Certificate #: 12822 Date Established: 1/1/1870
Wells Fargo Bank, National Association 101 N. Phillips Avenue Sioux Falls,SD 57104 FDIC Certificate #: 3511 Date Established: 1/1/1870; Original name: Crocker-citizens National Bank

1/01/1870 Work commenced on the Transandine Railroad (aka the Callao, Lima & Oroya Railroad).

1/22/1870 Deutsche Bank founded Germany

5/05/1870 Pursuant to a special Act of Congress, The Supreme Lodge of Knights of Pythias of the World was incorporated as a fraternal benevolent society.

FLORIDA, MEMPHIS AND COLUMBIA RIVER RAILROAD COMPANY ,Incorporation [10/27/1870] Expiration [10/27/1920]

WELLS FARGO BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION : 101 N PHILLIPS AVE , SIOUX FALLS, SD 57104 : 2003091000056 Status: Active Creation Date: 9/5/2003 : Original Creation Date: 11/30/1870 Original Creation State: CA


Founding of German Empire; Mary Todd Lincoln returned from Germany

(Wells Fargo) Norwest Bank Rushville, National Association 1535 North Main Street Rushville,IN 46173 FDIC Certificate #: 4377 Date Established: 9/4/1871

Minnie Viola Disler was born November 1871 in Cedar Creek Township, Allen County, IN.


Influential stockholders of Union Pacific RR organized the construction company Crédit Mobilier of America, and under Oakes Ames, a U.S. Representative, made contracts with themselves which depleted the congressional grants and left the railway heavily in debt;

Deutsche Bank first branches outside Germany were opened in Shanghai, Yokohama (1872)

The German Securities and Discount Bank of Frankfort, Germany was established by merger with the banking house of L.A. Hahn.;

beginning of Adams County Bank

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, National Association Sixth Street And Marquette Avenue Minneapolis,MN 55479 FDIC Certificate #: 5208 Date Established: 1/1/1872

March, "Oil War"

METROPOLITAN HOME & INVESTMENT CORP : 194333-121 Creation : 5/17/1872 to Expire: Inactive : 1/1/1978

6/12/1872 start of regular passenger trains in Japan

Star Bank, National Association, Indiana 8th And Promenade Richmond,IN 47374 FDIC Certificate #: 4374 Date Established: 6/15/1872


Hanover Bank est.

Bass Foundry incorporated

2/1/1873 Founding of The Scottish American Investment Trust (SAINT), by Robert Fleming, in Dundee, as the first Scottish association for investment in American RR bonds

Deutsche Bank London branch

Brothers John and Matthew Clark obtained a concession from the Argentinean government to build a railway from Buenos Aires to the Chilean frontier;

Star Bank, Preble County Main And Barron Streets Eaton,OH 45320 FDIC Certificate #: 6580 Date Established: 1/1/1873

The Lincoln National Bank, Cincinnati was incorporated in 1873.

10/8/1873 John H. Bass became a director of Fort Wayne (First) National Bank

BALL REALTY COMPANY INC : 194183-081 Creation : 12/11/1873 Inactive: 1/1/1978

Robert Fleming Arrival Date: 28 Dec 1873 Estimated birth year: abt 1844 Age: 29 Gender: Male Port of Departure: Liverpool, England and Queenstown, Ireland Destination: United States of America Place of Origin: Scotland Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: Scottish (Scotish) Ship Name: Cuba


The Second Scottish American Investment Trust

Reorganization of Adams County Bank

(Wells Fargo Bank) Norwest Bank Boulder, National Association 1242 Pearl Street Boulder,CO 80302 FDIC Certificate #: 2997 Date Established: 4/22/1874

(Lincoln National/Wells Fargo Bank) Fremont National Bank of Canon City 532 Main Street Canon City,CO 81212 FDIC Certificate #: 3000 Date Established: 8/6/1874


The Third Scottish American Investment Trust

CHICAGO AND SOUTH ATLANTIC RAILROAD COMPANY : 191129-002 Creation : 5/26/1875 Inactive : 1/1/1975

A dictionary, practical, theoretical, and historical, of commerce and commercial navigation ... By John Ramsay M'Culloch 1875; 17F. Tariffs on fabric p. 94

5/19/1875 A sanity trial imposed upon Mary Todd Lincoln was held in Chicago, which had the effect of ruining the political career of her son Robert Todd Lincoln, one-time president of the Pullman Company


"Deutsche Bank acquired the banks Berliner Bank-Verein and Deutsche Union-Bank in 1876 and became then the largest bank in Germany"

Wells Fargo Bank; Norwest Bank La Crosse, National Association 305 Fifth Avenue South La Crosse,WI 54601 FDIC Certificate #: 5351 Date Established: 1/1/1876

Farmers State Bank Rush County Main Street Carthage,IN 46115 FDIC Certificate #: 1818 Date Established: 1/1/1876

3/2/1876 " THE LINCOLN TOWER IN LONDON. —Tbe New Christ Church, in Westminister, London, is especially interesting on account of the tower built by subscription as a memorial to Abraham Lincoln." The Decatur Republican

July 1876 Mitsui Bank established as a private bank.(Capital stock: ¥ 2 million)

Jardines Matheson set up the first railroad in China in 1876 from Shanghai to Woosung


United Mutual Life Insurance was formed by the Knights of Pythias. Although it merged with American Central Life Insurance Company in 1936 to form American United Life, the fraternal insurance organization had to be rescued from bankruptcy by a group of Fort Wayne businessmen in 1905.

Wells Fargo Bank of Arizona, National Association 100 Washington Street, Dept. 917 Phoenix,AZ 85003 FDIC Certificate #: 2843 Date Established: 1/1/1877

Another United Mutual Life merged with MetLife in 1993



Founding of the Edison Electric Light Company

Wells Fargo Bank North Dakota, National Association 406 Main Avenue Fargo,ND 58126 FDIC Certificate #: 3922 Date Established: 1/1/1878

2/6/1878 Farmer's Mutual Fire Insurance organized


7/5/1878 Second mortgage of the South Carolina Railroad foreclosed

Robert Fleming Arrival Date: 11 Nov 1878 Estimated birth year: abt 1844 Age: 34 Gender: Male Port of Departure: Glasgow, Scotland and Moville, Ireland Destination: United States of America Place of Origin: Scotland Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: Scottish (Scotish) Ship Name: Devonia Search Ship Database: Search the Devonia in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database Port of Arrival: New York Line: 3 Microfilm Serial: M237 Microfilm Roll: M237_415 List Number: 1183 Port Arrival State: New York Port Arrival Country: United States


Standard Oil refined around 90% of US Oil

Jardines Matheson established the first ice-making factory in Hong Kong in 1879, later to be amalgamated with Dairy Farm, which was established nine years later

Robert Fleming Arrival Date: 17 Nov 1879 Estimated birth year: abt 1844 Age: 35 Gender: Male Port of Departure: Glasgow, Scotland and Moville, Ireland Destination: United States of America Place of Origin: Scotland Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: Scottish (Scotish) Ship Name: Ethiopia Search Ship Database: View the Ethiopia in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database Port of Arrival: New York Line: 1 Microfilm Serial: M237 Microfilm Roll: M237_421 List Number: 1298 Port Arrival State: New York Port Arrival Country: United States

12/03/1879 GERMAN FARMERS' MUTUAL OF SARDIS, INSURANCE ASSOCIATION 1708 Corporation For Non-Profit Dec 03 1879 Active Laings Monroe Ohio Articles 02/21/1881


"Bürgerliches Brauhaus München Public Limited Company was a nineteenth-century large-scale brewery in Munich. It came into existence in 1880, when the Zenger Brewery of the Hierl family was transformed into a public limited company. Its first managing directors were the brothers Georg and Carl Proebst, the latter being succeeded by Konrad Euler. First Brewery Inspectors and Master Brewers were Johann Baptist Kuttendreier and Ludwig Bauer"

2/29/1880 Gotthard railway tunnel between Switzerland and Italy completed

Japan's Finance Minister began selling government-run plants and factories to the private sector; approved privately-owned railway operations


National Transit Company, a subsidiary of Standard Oil, was established in Venango County, Pennsylvania.

NEW YORK & CHICAGO RY CO: 191131-004 Status: Revoked Creation : 3/4/1881 Inactive : 1/1/1970

NEW YORK CHICAGO AND RAILWAY COMPANY : 191131-012 Status: Revoked Creation : 4/12/1881 Inactive : 1/1/1975

4/21/1881 The Lincoln National Bank, Cincinnati was chartered, originally incorporated in 1873. Continental National was a later correspondent bank.

4/22/1881 Fort Wayne cigar makers union rechartered.

(Wells Fargo Bank) Norwest Bank El Paso, National Association 221 North Kansas Street El Paso,TX 79901 FDIC Certificate #: 3187 Date Established: 4/23/1881

7/09/1881 THE GRAND LODGE OF KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS OF THE DOMAIN OF OHIO 12095 Corporation For Non-Profit Jul 09 1881 Active May 03 2005 Springfield Clark Ohio

MUTUAL BENEFIT ASSTN OF : 190665-015 Creation : 12/9/1881 Inactive : 1/1/1970

NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ID: 19871014038 Type: INSURANCE COMPANY Filing : 12/12/1881 Status: GOOD State of Incorporation: NY Term: PERPETUAL


The Indochina Steam Navigation Company was formed in 1882 as an amalgamation of Jardines Matheson river, coastal and cargo interests

Merchants Bank of Halifax a maritime bank, established a branch in Bermuda

Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) founded

Nickelplate Railway (NY, Chicago, St. Louis) completed through Fort Wayne

The Thomas Pearsons were Quakers who came to Archer, Florida from Indiana at the urging of their friend W. B. Lipsey. Pearson's youngest son, T. Gilbert, founded the National Audubon Society. The Quakers planted extensive orange groves in and around Archer; First National Bank in Indianapolis failed; Bank of Japan was founded

S.W. Straus and Co. was established to deal in first mortgage investments in city real estate.

White National Bank in Fort Wayne was organized by Hon. James E. White and son John W. White.

Star Bank, National Association, Southeastern Indiana 239 Walnut Street Lawrenceburg,IN 47025 FDIC Certificate #: 4352 Date Established: 1/1/1882

Norwest Bank Wyoming Cheyenne, National Association 1701 Capitol Avenue Cheyenne,WY 82001 FDIC Certificate #: 2212 Date Established: 4/2/1882 Star

7/15/1882 Death of Mary Todd Lincoln, Springfield, Illinois. She is reported to have died penniless, though the funeral of Robert Todd Lincoln was attended by two "Lincoln Estate" lawyers- one account; or, Her estate was worth $84,035 (mostly in bonds). RobertTodd Lincoln was at that time Secretary of War.


Jason "Gould withdrew from management of the UP in 1883 amidst political controversy over its debts to the federal government, realizing a large profit for himself."

Deutsche Bank bonds of the Northern Pacific Railroad

02/02/1883 AOI Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company (later the "Fort Wayne Masonic Lodge" fund)

(Wells Fargo Bank) Norwest Banks Decatur 172 North 2nd Street Decatur,IN 46733 FDIC Certificate #: 14579 Date Established: 1/1/1883

Decatur= Frank Kryder, Jr. place of birth

MUTUAL BENEFIT ASSTN OF INDI : 190686-006 Creation: 5/2/1883 Inactive: 1/1/1970

Pullman Bank and Trust 1000 East 111th Street Chicago,IL 60628 FDIC Certificate #: 11677 Date Established: 5/7/1883

(Wells Fargo Bank) The First National Bank of Texas 300 North Main Street Decatur,TX 76234 FDIC Certificate #: 3168 Date Established: 12/31/1883


Fort Wayne National Bank changed its name to Old National Bank; First and Tri-State National Bank and Trust chartered as First National;

failure of The Indiana Banking Company in Indianapolis; a.o.i. The Tokyo Electric Light Company

(United States National Bank) Wells Fargo Bank West, National Association 1740 Broadway Denver,CO 80274 FDIC Certificate #: 3011 Date Established: 1/1/1884


05/18/1884 Death of Cyrus Hall McCormick, Chicago; May 1884- Connecticut Charter of The Traveler's Insurance Company.

THE QUAKER ORANGE COMPANY ARCHER FL Number 000253 Filed 11/01/1884 State FL

Brookside Farm. Inc. (J.H. Bass)


Deutsche Bank financed bond offerings of Krupp

M.P. Grace, of the W.R. Grace & Co. contracted with the Peruvian government to resume work on the Oroya RR.

PARKER RUSSELL MINING AND MANUFACTURING CO : 191468-013 Creation : 2/17/1885 Inactive : 1/1/1975

Dubois County Bank, Jasper, Indiana est. 07/25/1885;

(Wells Fargo Bank) First Interstate Bank of Washington, National Association 999 Third Avenue Seattle,WA 98111 FDIC Certificate #: 2981 Date Established: 12/2/1885

USX CORPORATION : 600 Grant Street, Room 1500 , PITTSBURGH, PA 15219 : 184472-112 Active Creation : 12/10/1885: DE Other Names: 12/10/1885 USR REALTY DEVELOPMENT 12/10/1885 USS


Coca cola was discovered by F.M. Robinson;

Robert Fleming & Co. battled Jason Gould for control of the Texas & Pacific Railway, and won

EQUITABLE SECURITY FUND LIFE : 190736-095 Creation: 6/27/1886 Inactive : 1/1/1970

7/12/1886 Robert Fleming Arrival Date: 12 Jul 1886 Estimated birth year: abt 1844 Age: 42 Gender: Male Port of Departure: Liverpool, England and Queenstown, Ireland Destination: England Place of Origin: Scotland Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: Scottish (Scotish) Ship Name: Etruria Search Ship Database: View the Etruria in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database Port of Arrival: New York Line: 14 Microfilm Serial: M237 Microfilm Roll: M237_496 List Number: 817 Port Arrival State: New York Port Arrival Country: United States


Kansas City, Memphis & Birmingham Railroad Company Pint Mortgage 5% Bonds, 1887-1927

In Fort Wayne, Death of J.D. Nuttman. John H. Bass (Bass Foundry) became new First National president;

1887 (Mitsubishi)Purchase of Government-owned Nagasaki Shipyard.

ROYAL SAVINGS BANK Es: 9226 S COMMERCIAL AVE, CHICAGO, IL 60617 : 2005120100564 Status: Active Creation Date: 11/30/2005: Original Creation Date: 7/13/1887


Berghoff Herman Brewing Company, Inc. "The 1887 Beer"

Allen, IN Land Records Search Search Criteria: Party Name = BALTES FLEMING 1 Record Found Recorded Date Document Name Last Name First Name Party Type Document Type 07/11/1887 DB104-P616 BALTES FLEMING & ESMONDS ADD TO PLAT


Following is from a History of Aetna: "By 1888 (Aetna) had outgrown its old quarters on 670 Main Street and purchased new ones next door at 650 Main Street. The new building, the first Aetna actually owned, was picked up for a song from a failed insurance company. It would serve as Aetna's home office for the next 42 years."; "Aetna President Morgan G. Bulkeley was elected governor of Connecticut. Bulkeley, the son of the first Republican speaker in the Connecticut Legislature, was a career politician on the Republican side. He had already been the mayor of Hartford for several terms, and would eventually wind up his political career as a member of the storied "Millionaires' Senate" of 1906, so named for the wealth of its members. "

Fort Wayne Transfer & Storage Company, Inc.

COMMONWEALTH BANK AND TRUST COMPANY : 4350 BROWNSBORO RD STE 210, LOUISVILLE, KY 40207 : 2003041400468 Active Creation e: 4/11/2003 : Original Creation: 2/16/1888 Original Creation State: KY

LOUISVILLE NEW ALBANY & CORYDON RAILROAD: BOX 10 , CORYDON, IN 47112 : 181134-009 Status: Creation : 4/28/1888 Inactive : 4/19/1988

FORT WAYNE AND NECKVILLS ELECTRIC RY : 191135-039 Creation : 9/5/1888 Inactive : 1/1/1975


South Penn Oil Company was organized as a unit of Standard Oil Company.

From 1889 to 1893, Robert Todd Lincoln served as U.S. Minister to Great Britain


National Life entered Indiana

"The Big Three Life insurance companies, ranked by insurance in force, were: The Equitable ($721 million); Mutual Life of New York ($638 million); and New York Life ($569 million)." History of Aetna;

Farmers State Bank 421 Main Street Rockport,IN 47635 FDIC Certificate #: 11340 Date Established: 1/1/1890

Standard Federal Bank 2600 West Big Beaver Road Troy,MI 48007 FDIC Certificate #: 27714 Date Established: 1/1/1890 Bank Charter Class: Savings Association Date of Deposit Insurance: 3/13/1939

MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK : 80 E. JEFFERSON ST, FRANKLIN, IN 46131 : 180824-101 Status: Active Creation: 2/12/1890 Other Names 10/1/1994 MUTUAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION (Former)

The Lincoln National Bank, Washington, DC was chartered March 1890- correspondents were National City Bank, Continental National Bank Chicago, Bank of New York and Trust Co.

THE LAFAYETTE UNION RAILWAY COMPANY: 810 Bank One Building PO BOX 1535 , LAFAYETTE, IN 47902: 180824-144 Active Creation : 4/4/1890 :

FRANKLIN STREET RAILWAY COMPANY: 191135-008 Creation : 8/4/1890 Inactive : 1/1/1975

CROWN POINT AND INDIANA STOCK FUND : 191135-005 Creation : 11/28/1890 Inactive : 1/1/1975


4/3/1891 d. Albert Pike"It is said that Gen. Pike had appointed Josiah n. Drummond, of Maine, as his successor as:, head of tlie royal.order of Scotland, aud it is probable that bis successor in the Scottish Rite will be either Surgeon-Gen. J. M. Brown of the navy, Thomas Caswell of California, or Thomas. M. Dudley of Kentucky-"

(Wells Fargo Bank) Norwest Bank Rochester 125 East Ninth Street Rochester,IN 46975 FDIC Certificate #: 9643 Date Established: 7/8/1891

Summit Bank of Clinton County 2 East Washington Street Frankfort,IN 46041 FDIC Certificate #: 13092 Date Established: 7/25/1891

John F. Wild of Noblesville, Indiana. founded Indiana's first bond house in Anderson, moving it to Indianapolis shortly thereafter.

1892 Southeast Bank of Pinellas 801 West Bay Drive Largo,FL 33540 FDIC Certificate #: 17084 Date Established: 2/14/1952 Bank Charter Class: Federal Reserve Non-member Date of Deposit Insurance: 2/14/1952

Farmers State Bank 102 East Main Street Mentone,IN 46539 FDIC Certificate #: 9290 Date Established: 1/1/1892

Formation of General Electric Co.; Asa Griggs Candler et al. organized the Atlanta Coca Cola Company with $100,000 capital

Hartford Paper Company founded; purchased by 3M in 1955

THE BEDFORD BELT RAILWAY COMPANY: 191127-077 Creation : 3/31/1892 Inactive : 7/11/1988

(Straus Brothers) COMMERCIAL BANK 190035-108 Creation : 5/26/1892 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FORT WAYNE CONSOLID RAILROAD COMPAN: 191135-007 Creation : 8/19/1892 Inactive : 1/1/1975

12/2/1892 d. Jason Gould


The Union Pacific Railroad went into receivership; financial panic caused a depression;

The Bank of Commerce in Indianapolis went out of existence.

3/22/1893 Teutonia Building Loan and Savings Association began; changed name in 1918 to Home Loan Bank; Northern Finance Company founder Edmund A. Bittler, became HLB President 1932-1962

FORT WAYNE LAND COMPANY KANSAS CITY, KS Incorporation [05/17/1893] Expiration [05/17/1913

June 1893 Mitsui Bank reorganized itself as an unlimited partnership.

7/1/1893 United States Congressional Serial Set By United States Government Printing Office, 1895 p.175 "The Heads of Divisions": report states C. H. Fitch, topographer was assigned special duty in the General Land Office of section Colorado, Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota, USGS Topographic Division west of the 100th Meridian;

 Charter HOME STATE SAVINGS BANK 10416 Cincinnati Hamilton Ohio (became Rockford Building and Loan);  First Bank & Trust Co. 923-925 Main Street Duncan,OK 73533 FDIC Certificate #: 4080 Established: 10/01/1893

NORTHERN INDIANA RAILROAD COMPANY 191132-048 Creation : 9/28/1893 Inactive : 1/1/1975

11/01/1893 Minerva Viola Disler and Clarence Frank Kryder were married in Allen County, Indiana.

The Garrett State Bank 120 WEST KING STREET GARRETT , IN 46738 Certificate #: 8074 Class: SM Date Established: 11/01/1893


"December 1894, Newfoundland's two local banks failed leaving the colony without banking facilities and a circulating currency." To the Rescue,  Merchants Bank of Halifax

Harrison W. Kryder farmed 65 acres in Sec 22, Cedar Creek Township, Allen County, IN. John Kryder III farmed 71 acres in Sec 28; Samuel Disler farmed 75 acres in Sec 21 & 28.

BROAD RIPPLE STREET RAILWAY: 191135-003 Creation : 2/14/1894 Inactive : 1/1/1975

ST JOE LODGE NO 400 K OF P : 190891-141 Creation : 4/17/1894 Inactive : 1/1/1970

THE STATE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY: ONE AMERICAN SQUARE, P.O. BOX 368, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46206 : 180948-043 Status: Active Creation : 9/5/1894

THE CONSOLIDATED STONE COMPANY : Control Number: 192462-004 Creation: 12/4/1894 Inactive: 1/1/1970

(Indiana Glass,Mabel Brotherton asst treas) SNEATH GLASS COMPANY : , DUNKIRK, IN 47336: Control Number: 184060-033 Creation Date: 12/24/1894 Entity Date to Expire: Entity Inactive Date: 7/31/1989


Peoples Trust and Savings Bank 132 South Third Street Boonville,IN 47601 FDIC Certificate #: 13113 Date Established: 1/1/1895

2/06/1895 Ohio THE CANTON FERTILIZER COMPANY 61688 Corporation For Profit Feb 06 1895 Dead Canton Stark Ohio

9/10/1895 Articles of Association filed for the Fort Wayne Mutual Benefit Association

Japan victory in Sino-Japanese; November 1895 Sumitomo Bank is established as a private enterprise

12/31/1895 Death of John Kryder III;

  • Obituary:Earl Avery Fitch, 86, died at 4:30 Friday a.m. from paralysis at the home of his daughter, Mrs. William C. Childs, Chicago. He was born in Albany, N.Y. Feb. 16, 1807. In 1847 he removed to Noble County, Ind. where he engaged in agricultural pursuits. He afterward became a contractor and builder and was very successful, retiring about 25 years ago. He came to Chicago in 1885 and made his home with his oldest daughter. He leaves 5 children, Mrs. W. C. Childs and Mrs. Kate Wilson of Chicago, Mrs. Mable Emerson of Elkhart, Ind., Mrs. John Kryder of Cedarville, Ind. and Robert J. Earle, a stockman of Kansas city. ^ 7-28-1893

    • 7/1/1893 United States Congressional Serial Set By United States Government Printing Office, 1895 p.175 "The Heads of Divisions": report states C. H. Fitch, topographer was assigned special duty in the General Land Office of section Colorado, Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota, USGS Topographic Division west of the 100th Meridian;


"In 1896 Aetna's ownership system was called into question once again... by the new Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Frederick A. Betts. Betts...found a 20-year-old transfer of funds from the participating department to the stock department. Aetna asserted that the transfer was a legitimate compensation of shareholders for providing the capital to start the participating department. But Betts believed that Aetna improperly took money from policyholders to benefit stockholders and filed a civil suit against Aetna. Neither side profited from the endeavor. Betts ran out of funds before he could complete his case and had to accept an out-of-court settlement. For his trouble Betts was later falsely accused of accepting a bribe from Morgan Bulkeley to drop the suit. For its part, Aetna denied any wrongdoing, but had to replace the funds with interest and pay the state's legal costs." reprinted from History of Aetna

5/26/1896 Amended Articles of The Grand Lodge of Ohio Knights of Pythias, Cinncinnati, Ohio, Hamilton County

(Wells Fargo Bank) Norwest Bank Wisconsin East Central 636 Wisconsin Avenue Sheboygan,WI 53081 FDIC Certificate #: 1023 Date Established: 7/7/1896

7/8/1896 Plans to build a pipeline for the Indiana oil fields to Whiting were made public; Indy oil fields were spreading

7/27/1896 Death of Eliza H. Straus


North German Lloyd commissioned the first four-funnel steamship, "Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse".      

Union Pacific Railroad Company reincorporated in Utah; under Edward H. Harriman it lead to formation of Northern Securities Company;

with the death of George M. Pullman, Robert Todd Lincoln became acting president of The Pullman Company until 1901


Robert L. Romy announced he would be leaving Fort Wayne, where he had resided 32 years for the west;

THE INDIANA INVESTMENT COMPANY (R.L. Romy) : 190948-012 Creation : 2/27/1897 Inactive : 1/1/1970 (See SAME in Florida 1916)
The Indiana Investment Company was concerned with acquisition and leasing of industrial lands in Indiana and Florida. The Romys, Dislers, and Kryders were intermarried. R.L. Romy was a director of White National Bank as had been Thomas Hedekin, father of Bernard Hedekin of the Kryder Company Realtors. White Fruit House occupied the first floor of the Elektron Building before it became the Lincoln Life Building. C.F. and Minnie (Disler) Kryder owned and lived in several houses in R.L. Romy's Subdivision of Hanna's Park Outlots.

3/18/1897 Indiana Lumberman's Mutual Insurance incorporated.

4/3/1897 Philadelphia steel company A. & P. Roberts (Pencoyd Iron Works) was awarded contract to supply the Japanese Imperial Railway

NIBLICK AND COMPANY : MONROE AT SECOND, DECATUR, IN 46733 : 180948-094 : 4/12/1897 : 2/19/1999

SOUTHERN INDIANA RAILWAY COMPANY: 1011 MERCHANTS BANK BUILDING , INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46204 : 181127-017 Creation : 5/27/1897 Inactive : 11/28/1988

6/25/1897 Houghs Outlots Plat

8/12/1897 National Telephone and Telegraph Company organized at Fort Wayne; George W. Beers, pres. and S. M. Foster director


History and Digest of the International Arbitrations to which the United States Has Been a Party By John Bassett Moore, Washington Government Printing Office, 1898. p.4489 The Florida Treaty; 1795.           

"Work began on the factories, stores, and homes that would become known as Sebring, Ohio " The Sebring brothers were Oliver, George, Ellsworth, Frederick, and William... Sebring was known as the "Pottery Capital of The World." Other industry came to Sebring as well. Two cooperage factories served the various potteries, making the barrels and boxes for the packing of the pottery products...and an automobile tire company."

Warren Bechtel started a railroad construction company;

1898 "Formation by Jardines and HSBC of the British and China Corporation ('BCC') which was responsible for much of the development of China's railway system"

  • The 99-year lease of The New Territories (Hong Kong) was granted in 1898
  • Jardines helped establish The Star Ferry Company

"representatives of the Standard Oil Company will probably enter the Directory of the American Cotton Oil Company. There are Intimations that the Messrs. Rockefeller, Mr. Rogers, and Mr. Flagler have acquired such an Important Interest In the securities of the Cotton Oil"

In New Bern, North Carolina, Caleb D. Bradham, pharmacist, created Pepsi Cola.

MARTINSVILLE ST RY CO : Control Number: 191135-024 Creation Date: 4/28/1898 Inactive Date: 1/1/1975

CENTRAL BOND COMPANY : 190990-061 Creation : 12/24/1898 Inactive : 1/1/1970

12/24/1898 Death of Randal Trevor McDonald, Fort Wayne benefactor and presiresident of Jenney Electric Company


The History of South Carolina Under the Royal Government, 1719-1776  By Edward McCrady, 1899.17F p.399 describes the capturing of American Indians to be traded in the West Indies for negro slaves "better adapted to labor and agriculture."

South Penn Oil Company was organized as a unit of Standard Oil Company; beginning of the National Life Association

Star Bank, National Association, Sidney 115-119 East Court Street Sidney,OH 45365 FDIC Certificate #: 6698 Date Established: 1/1/1899

2/16/1899 D.R. lease Standard Oil

2/23/1899 American Central Life Insurance Indianapolis incorporated.

INDPLS STREET RAILWAY CO : 191749-033 Creation : 3/7/1899 Inactive : 1/1/1970

MARTINSVILLE MINERAL SPRINGS : Control Number: 190994-109 Creation Date: 7/10/1899 Inactive Date: 1/1/1970 Jap Jones

On the second day of Decembe 1899, Thomas B. Shoaff again acmiired title to the north 85 feet of LOT 107 anil the west 20 feet of LOT 108 for ?i>0,000 by administrator's deed in estate of Ronald T. McDonald.



Selection of Legal Maxims: Classified and Illustrated By Herbert Broom, 1900. 17F p. 300 Property: Its Rights and Liabilites: "He who possesses land possesses also that which is above it."

JP Morgan acquired Equitable Mutual Life

Seaboard Airline Railway formed;

Clarence F. and Minnie V. Kryder lived on 14 acres in Sec 22, Cedar Creek Township.

FARMERS & MERCHANTS STATE BANK : 191946-012 Creation : 1/1/1900 Inactive : 1/1/1975

  • WORKINGMEN'S BUILDING AND REALTY COMPANY : 191397-006 Creation : 1/1/1900 Inactive : 1/1/1975
  • OHIO VALLEY MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY : 192216-031 Creation : 1/1/1900 Inactive : 1/1/1975

THE CITIZENS BANK AND TRUST : 190998-087 Creation : 2/27/1900 Inactive: 1/1/1970

6/28/1900 Perrine-Armstrong Co. incorporated in Indiana

ARCHER SPRAGUE VERNON CO : 191003-034 Creation : 7/5/1900 Inactive: 1/1/1970

7/20/1900 Western Surety, Sioux Falls, South Dakota began business.

9/24/1900 Global builder Stephen Bechtel was born Sept. 24, 1900, in Aurora, IN

11/06/1900 Insurance department established for United Mutual Life to offer insurance to K.of P.

(The Whiting Hotel Block became the 1923 location of the new Straus Brothers Company (817-819 Calhoun St., Fort Wayne)

WHITING LAND CO : 192526-009 Creation : 12/28/1900 Inactive : 1/1/1970


Robert Todd Lincoln became permanent president of The Pullman Company until 1911;

Robert L. Romy was a director of White National Bank, Thomas B. Hedekin vice-president; Straus Brothers came to Allen County

BUSINESS MENS PROTECTIVE ASSOC : 19303-1043 Creation : 1/1/1901 Inactive: 1/1/1975

NORFOLK AND WESTERN RAILWAY: 192099-001 : Creation : 01/01/1901: Inactive : 01/01/1970

  • Merchants Bank of Halifax became The Royal Bank of Canada in 1901

PERE MARKET RAILROAD COMPANY : 191131-008 Creation : 1/1/1901 Inactive : 1/1/1975

THE FIRST STATE BANK : 191266-002 Creation : 1/13/1901 Inactive : 1/1/1975

2/12/1901 A (Manhattan Oil Company) gusher was drilled in the village of Dundee, nine miles northwest of Hartford City, Blackford County

FRANKFURT LOAN & TRUST CO : 191007-074 Creation : 2/21/1901 Inactive : 1/1/1975

THE INDIANAPOLIS AND LEBONEN TRACTION COMPANY : 191007-081 Creation : 2/22/1901 Inactive : 1/1/1975

6/4/1901 06/04/1901 B2B-P86-B BASS & HOUGHS SUPPLEMENT TO PLAT

INDIANAPOLIS TOWN-SITE COMPANY FORT SCOTT, KS Incorporation [06/10/1901] Expiration [06/10/1951]

Wells Fargo Bank Texas, National Association 16414 San Pedro, Suite 1000 San Antonio,TX 78232 FDIC Certificate #: 14533 Date Established: 8/5/1901 Bank Charter Class: National Bank Date of Deposit Insurance: 6/26/1934 Primary Federal Regulator: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Primary Internet Web Address: http://www.wellsfargo.com:80/ This is an inactive institution. Inactive as of: November 21, 2003 Closing history: Merged without Assistance into Acquiring institution: Wells Fargo Bank, National Association - (3511)

9/6/1901 President William McKinley shot at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York; he died 9/14/1901

10/14/1901 United Mutual Life admitted to Colorado by Department of Insurance as a fraternal insurer.

THE HOLTON STATE BANK : 190037-123 Creation : 11/20/1901 Inactive : 1/1/1975

12/05/1901 Birth of Walter Elias Disney, Chicago.

12/12/1901 Violands Add Plat



With Cyrus H. McCormick, Jr. its first president his father's company combined with three smaller companies to form International Harvester;

Industrial Bank of Japan founded as a public-sector bank under the Industrial Bank of Japan Act of 1902.

(Wells Fargo Bank) Norwest Bank Texas, Tulia, National Association 101 North Maxwell Street Tulia,TX 79088 FDIC Certificate #: 5561 Date Established: 1/1/1902

THE CENTRAL TRUST BANK: 238 MADISON ST , JEFFERSON CITY, MO 65101 : 2003082800282 : Active Creation : 8/27/2003 Original Creation : 1/9/1902

2/01/1902 Death of Thomas B. Hedekin, who had amassed a respectable small fortune in Fort Wayne, whose son Bernard became a Kryder Co. realtor.

2/15/1902 Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail B2B-P97 PLAT 02-15-1902 07:01 AM $0.00 1 page Parties GRABILL TO Legals SEC: 25 TWP: 32 RNG: 13

POLAR ICE AND FUEL COMPANY : 190040-099 Creation : 3/7/1902 Inactive : 1/1/1970

Wells Fargo Bank New Mexico, National Association 200 Lomas Boulevard, Nw, Mac Q2129-122 Albuquerque,NM 87102 FDIC Certificate #: 2252 Date Established: 5/3/1902

5/6/1902 The charter of First National Bank (Fort Wayne National) was extended for another 20 years

MUNCIE AND WESTERN RAILROAD COMPANY : PO BOX 5000 TAX DEPT, BROOMFIELD, CO 80038 : 190042-101 Active Creation : 5/12/1902

5/15/1902 Institution established. Original name: The Farmers & Merchants State Bank (9092) (Salin Bank and Trust)

6/10/1902 The North American Trust Company announced its "scheme."

  • ELKHART BRASS MANUFACTURING COMPANY INC : 1302 W BEARDSLEY, ELKHART, IN 46514 : 194084-060 Status: Active Creation Date: 6/10/1902

(Wells Fargo Bank) The Bank of South Texas Fourth And B Streets Floresville,TX 78114 FDIC Certificate #: 3196 Date Established: 7/19/1902

THE PEOPLES BUILDING AND LOAN COMPANY : 190046-008 Creation : 8/28/1902 Inactive : 1/1/1975

THE COMMERCIAL TRUST COMPANY: 190044-021 Creation : 6/23/1902 Inactive: 1/1/1975

10/25/1902 pt Wells Reserve Charles Bente et al. to Katharina Bente

11/17/1902 The People's Trust and Savings Company incorporated in Fort Wayne with $200,000 capital stock;

Aetna entered the liability business, created first branch office in New York City.

Summit Bank- One Summit Square Fort Wayne,IN 46801 FDIC Certificate #: 11335 Date Established: 11/24/1902 People's Trust, Summit, Anthony Wayne Bank were eventually merged into NBD, which merged into BANK ONE (BO). see 1863

MICHIGAN CITY TRACTION CO : 191135-022 Creation : 12/1/1902 Inactive : 1/1/1975 (Pullman Comapany)

(Wells Fargo Bank)The City National Bank of Auburn 129 South Main Street Auburn,IN 46706 FDIC Certificate #: 4312 Date Established: 12/5/1902


40 year first mortgage bonds of the Philadelphia, Balitmore, and Washington Railroad Company, Pennsylvania Railroad System; $10,000,000 due 11/1/1943

(Wells Fargo Bank) First Interstate Bank of California 707 Wilshire Boulevard, W25-1 Los Angeles,CA 90017 FDIC Certificate #: 1226 Date Established: 1/1/1903

the DeKalb County Bank of Waterloo went out of business.

Star Bank, Northern Kentucky Sixth And Madison Avenue Covington,KY 41014 FDIC Certificate #: 5844 Date Established: 1/1/1903

  • (Wells Fargo Bank) First Interstate Bank of California 707 Wilshire Boulevard, W25-1 Los Angeles,CA 90017 FDIC Certificate #: 1226 Date Established: 1/1/1903
  • First Interstate Bank of Nevada, National Association 3800 Howard Hughes Parkway Las Vegas,NV 89109 FDIC Certificate #: 2278 Date Established: 1/1/1903

CHICAGO TERRE HAUTE AND SOUTHERN RAILROAD COMPANY : 191013-113 Creation : 1/28/1903 Inactive : 1/1/1975

  • INDIANA COAL BELT TRACTION COMPANY : 191013-107 Creation : 1/28/1903 Inactive : 1/1/1975

3/16/1903 A new franchise was granted the Hartford City Lighting Co. for a period of 20 years.

PERFECTION BAKERIES, INC. : 350 PEARL ST., FORT WAYNE, IN 46802 : 194074-015 Status: Active Creation : 3/24/1903 Other Names 3/15/1991 PERFECTION BISCUIT COMPANY INC 9/9/2005 AUNT MILLIE'S 11/18/2005 AUNT MILLIE'S BAKERIES

Norwest Bank Wyoming Wheatland, National Association 874 Gilchrist Street Wheatland,WY 82201 FDIC Certificate #: 1170 Date Established: 3/28/1903

INDUSTRIAL LOAN & INVESTMENT : 191015-121 Creation : 4/1/1903 Inactive : 1/1/1970


THE FOUNTAIN TRUST COMPANY : PO BOX 8, 615 THIRD STREET, COVINGTON, IN 47932 : 191017-070 Status: Active : 5/12/1903

5/20/1903 Newspaper stories in Fort Wayne recommended investments in the Fort Wayne-California Oil Company because its holdings were an "inexhausitible" field in Kern County, California.

CHICAGO AND INDIANAPOLIS COAL COMPANY, INC. : 500 Water Street, S/C J-160, JACKSONVILLE, FL 32202 : Control Number: 193084A016 Status: Merged Creation Date: 6/9/1903 Inactive Date: 12/16/1991

BLACKFORD WINDOW GLASS COMPANY: Control Number: 191021-132 Creation Date: 9/19/1903 Inactive Date: 1/1/1978

10/27/1903 Date of Will of Henry B. Smith to his wife Mrs. Nancy A. Smith

10/31/1903 m Allen, IN B3B-P58 PLAT 10-31-1903 07:01 AM $0.00 1 page Parties SECOND COMMERCIAL ADD TO Legals SEC: 9 TWP: 30 RNG: 12

12/5/1903 Robert Fleming Arrival Date: 5 Dec 1903 Estimated birth year: abt 1845 Age: 58 Gender: Male Port of Departure: Liverpool, England Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: Scottish (Scotish) Ship Name: Campania Search Ship Database: View the Campania in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database Port of Arrival: New York, New York Line: 26 Microfilm Serial: 15 Microfilm Roll: T715_419 Page Number: 91 .

12/7/1903 Institution established. Original name: The Peoples Savings Bank (778) (Wells Fargo Bank)

12/30/1903 CHICAGO & NORTH-WESTERN RAILWAY COMPANY sinking fund deposited in Farmers Loan and Trust Company.


Theodore Roosevelt ordered Northern Securities Company dissolved, it having become a rail monopoly of the Southern Pacific Company and The Central Pacific Company of the Union Pacific RR ;

Russo-Japanese War 1904-05;
Tokyo Railway became largest electric railway in Japan

Clarence F. and Minnie V. Kryder resided on 40 acres in Sec 28, Cedar Creek Township.;

Star Financial Bank, New Castle, Indiana 403 Parkview Drive New Castle,IN 47362 FDIC Certificate #: 8055 Date Established: 1/1/1904

  • UNION SAVINGS BANK : 8534 EAST KEMPER ROAD , CINCINNATI, OH 45249 : 2002111800287 : Active Creation : 11/15/2002 : Original Creation Date: 1/1/1904 Original Creation State: OH

(Wells Fargo)Norwest Bank Peru 12-14 North Broadway Avenue Peru,IN 46970 FDIC Certificate #: 13127 Date Established: 1/23/1904

1/24/1904 Oil leases signed for ten square mile field in Decatur, Adams County

INDUSTRIAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION : 191518-034 Creation : 2/14/1904 Inactive : 1/1/1975

THE STATE BANK OF KIRKLIN : 190056-000 Creation: 4/7/1904 Inactive: 1/1/1975

4/16/1904 Reorganization of the Houston Oil Company

5/3/1904 New York City 5% Tax Exempt Gold Bonds $32,000,000 Corporate Stock Payable in 5O years.

5/17/1904 Lincoln Trust Co.( see 1924), Providence , RI was incorporated under the name Italo American Mutual Trust Co.

1904 June Mitsubishi Paper Mills Company, Japan

FARMERS & MERCHANTS BANK : 190058-098 Creation : 5/21/1904 Inactive: 1/1/1975

THE FARMERS & MERCHANTS BANK : 190059-000 Creation : 6/11/1904 Inactive : 1/1/1975

7/11/1904 THE ROYAL CENTRE STATE BANK : 192224-028 Creation : 7/11/1904 Inactive: 1/1/1975

Stock of the Angola Railway and power company was owned by Fort Wayne Trust Company

9/8/1904 Allen, IN l B3B-P82 PLAT 09-08-1904 12:05 PM $0.00 1 page Parties AMERICAN ROLLING MILL CORP TO


11/10/1904 Robert Fleming Arrival Date: 10 Nov 1904 Estimated birth year: abt 1845 Age: 59 Gender: Male Port of Departure: Liverpool, England Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: Scottish (Scotish) Ship Name: Oceanic Search Ship Database: View the Oceanic in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database Port of Arrival: New York, New York Line: 15 Microfilm Serial: T715 Microfilm Roll: T715_512 Page Number: 125

11/14/1904 B4A-P3 BASS 6TH ADD TO PLAT


Manufacturers Trust Company est. 1905

The Seaboard Company incorporated in NJ to hold stock of the Seaboard Airline Railway;

Articles of Incorporation were filed for Lincoln National Life Insurance Company; ;

Edward Harriman gained control of Wells Fargo & Company, former Holladay Overland Mail Company.

"It wasn't until the Armstrong Investigation of 1905 demonstrated that mutuals were less than pristine caretakers of policyholder moneys that Aetna was able to put to rest the issue of its mixed form of ownership."; life insurance companies suffered the worst under the investigation. United Mutual organization had to be bailed out by Fort Wayne business men.

First National and White National became Consolid to become a "Financial Institution of Great Strength." R.L. Romy was a director of Tri-State Loan and Trust Co;

Hanshin Electric Railway opened between Osaka and Kobe; 1905 Kobe Mitsubishi Shipyard began operations.

Star Financial Bank, Hamilton, Indiana 106-108 South Wayne Street Hamilton,IN 46742 FDIC Certificate #: 18426 Date Established: 1/1/1905 Bank Charter Class: Federal Reserve Non-member Date of Deposit Insurance: 8/9/1961

(Wells Fargo Bank) Norwest Bank Texas, Wichita Falls, National Association 2301 Kell Boulevard Wichita Falls,TX 76308 FDIC Certificate #: 3365 Date Established: 1/1/1905

(Wells Fargo Bank) The First National Bank of Franklin 208 East Highway 79 Franklin,TX 77856 FDIC Certificate #: 3204 Date Established: 1/1/1905

Lincoln Bank and Trust, Louisville, KY was incorporated in 1905 as Lincoln Savings Bank.

On the 1st day of .January, 1905 the Knickerbocker Trust Company conveyed the same real estate to Susan B. Shoaff tor $120.000.

THE TERRE HAUTE SOUTHWESTERN RAILROAD : 191210-026 Creation : 2/5/1905 Inactive : 1/1/1975

2/2/1905 Indiana oil men formed a state association

March 1, 1905, incorporated as the Beatrice Creamery Company of Iowa, with capital of $3,000,000.

FARMERS AND MERCHANTS MUTUAL TELEPHONE COMPANY : 191314-057 Creation : 3/2/1905 Inactive : 1/1/1975

3/29/1905 THE ALLEGHANY STONE AND SAND COMPANY 71579 Corporation For Profit Mar 29 1905

Wells Fargo Bank (Colorado), National Association 633 Seventeenth Street Denver,CO 80270 FDIC Certificate #: 3009 Date Established: 5/1/1905

Lincoln National Bank chartered May 4, as the German American National Bank

  • 5/04/1905 Three diamonds cut from the Excelsior disappeared from the fifth floor workshop of the Tiffany Building in Union Square (NY).


Norwest Bank Fort Wayne, National Association 116 East Berry Street Fort Wayne,IN 46802 FDIC Certificate #: 4341 Date Established: 5/20/1905

H J HEINZ COMPANY : 600 Grant St., 60th Floor , PITTSBURGH, PA 15219 : 191832-001 Active Creation: 6/12/1905: Original Creation State: PA

John L. and M.J. Kryder sold to John A. and Emma Bloom Lot (Illeg) Lakeside Park Addition

INDIANAPOLIS LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY : 9200 KEYSTONE CROSSING STE 800, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46240 : 191105-004 Status: Active Creation : 7/10/1905

COMMERCIAL STATE BANK : 191105-082 Creation : 7/29/1905 Inactive : 1/1/1975

8/26/1905 Consolidation of White National and First National (Fort Wayne National) Bank

10/21/1905 "Around the unmarked grave of Gen. Albert Pike, the illustrious exemplar of Scottish Masonry in the United States, the Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction, Scottish Rite Masons, assembled in Oak Hill Cemetery yesterday afternoon out of respect for a former grand commander of the rite...Four years ago the Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction unveiled a beautiful statue of Gen. Pike, which now stands at the intersection of Third and D streets and Indiana avenue." Washington Post

THE HUNTINGTON STATE BANK : WEST MAIN ST. , ALEXANDRIA, OH 43001 : 1997050470 Creation: 5/7/1997 Inactive: 2/6/2001 Original Creation: 11/13/1905

11/28/1905 Charter of The Central Bank and Trust Company, Atlanta, Georgia; Asa Griggs Candler, founder of The Coca-cola Company, President. The bank occupied The Candler Building on the corner of Peachtree and Pryor Street.

Star Bank, South Central Ohio 602 Chillicothe Street Portsmouth,OH 45662 FDIC Certificate #: 5958 Date Established: 12/5/1905

THE LAFAYETTE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY : 1905 TEAL ROAD, PO BOX 7007, LAFAYETTE, IN 47903 : 191109-039 Status: Active: 12/26/1905


The North American Exploitation Company recruited Fort Wayne businessmen from room 308 Elektron Building aka 215 East Berry Street to invest in mining properties. Robert L. Romy had returned from the west and incorporated in Fort Wayne once again; Straus Brothers offered to seed a bank for the suburb New Haven.

(Wells Fargo Bank) The First National Bank of Upland Main Street Upland,CA 91786 FDIC Certificate #: 3536 Date Established: 1/1/1906
(Wells Fargo Bank) The First National Bank of Orange County 101 East Chapman Avenue Orange,CA 92666 FDIC Certificate #: 3482 Date Established: 1/1/1906

2/17/1906 A.O.I. The Hedekin Land and Improvement Company; Thomas Hedekin's realty was on Calhoun Street and throughout residential districts

CENTRAL RAILWAY CO OF INDIAN: 191141-006 Creation : 5/8/1906 Inactive : 1/1/1970 ;

(Wells Fargo Bank) Texas Commerce Bank National Association 1314 Avenue K Lubbock,TX 79408 FDIC Certificate #: 3314 Date Established: 5/9/1906

CAMPBELL WIRE SPECIALTY WORK : 191142-082 Creation : 6/25/1906 Inactive : 1/1/1970

7/8/1906 Robert Fleming Arrival Date: 8 Jul 1906 Estimated birth year: abt 1845 Age: 60 Years 9 Months Gender: Male Port of Departure: Southampton, England Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: Scottish (Scotish) Ship Name: St Paul Search Ship Database: View the St Paul in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database Port of Arrival: New York, New York Line: 1 Microfilm Serial: T715 Microfilm Roll: T715_738 Page Number: 90

Later polluted Fort Wayne's drinking supply via Cedar Creek: NORTHERN INDIANA FUEL AND LIGHT COMPANY INC : 220 E 7TH ST, PO BOX 526, AUBURN, IN 46706 : 194461-005 Status: Active Creation Date: 8/13/1906

GRAND HOTEL AND OPERA HOUSE : 191146-009 Creation : 9/25/1906 Inactive : 1/1/1970

FARMERS LOAN AND TRUST COMPANY, TIPTON: Merged into First National Bank, Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana, TIPTON, IN 46072 191146-048 : Creation : 10/6/1906 Inactive : 12/31/1990 Other Names 10/6/1906 CARMEL BANKING CENTER 10/6/1906 CARMEL BANKING CENTER

10/15/1906 Security Bank of Chicago incorporated; owned entire stock of Standard Safe Deposit Company; correspondents in Vienna, Austria and Lucca, Italy.

R L ROMY INVESTMENT CO : 191146-077 Creation : 10/18/1906 Inactive: 1/1/1970

MERCHANTS BUILDING CO : 191148-030 Creation : 11/28/1906 Inactive : 1/1/1978

12/29/1906 Institution established. Original name: Farmers Loan And Trust Company (948) 2 1/1/1991 Merged into and subsequently operated as part of First National Bank in Kokomo, Indiana (16298)

1906-1907 Nationalization of Japanese railways


Financial panic on Wall Street caused several banks to fail; History of Aetna: "It is no coincidence that in 1907 Aetna accelerated its diversification away from life insurance by forming the Aetna Accident and Liability Company to write property coverages."; Aetna began automobile coverage. New banking house "Citizens Trust Co." in Fort Wayne: John W. White, director and Owen N. Heaton president. White Fruit House and Central Grocery, owned by L. Freiburger, were in business.

Old National Bank was the Fort Wayne correspondent of the Pennsylvania Company.

IN Atlanta, L.H. Parris was auditor for Central Bank and Trust Company; E.H. Harriman acquired control of the Central of Georgia Railroad, in the interest of Illinois Central.

In 1907, Indiana became the first of more than thirty states to adopt legislation aimed at compulsory sterilization of certain individuals

KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS THE OF NO: 190035-097 Creation : 1/2/1907 Inactive : 1/1/1970

2/6/1907 Mr Robert Fleming Arrival Date: 6 Feb 1907 Estimated birth year: abt 1845 Age: 62 Gender: Male Port of Departure: Southampton, England Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: English Ship Name: Kaiser Wilhelm II Search Ship Database: View the Kaiser Wilhelm II in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database Port of Arrival: New York, New York Nativity: Scotland Line: 19 Microfilm Serial: T715 Microfilm Roll: T715_826 Birth Location: Scotland Page Number: 108

(Wells Fargo Bank) Norwest Bank Colorado Springs, National Association 90 South Cascade Avenue Colorado Springs,CO 80901 FDIC Certificate #: 3005 Date Established: 3/7/1907

3/28/1907 Citizens Bank Star Financial

4/7/1907 Institution established. Original name: The Farmers' Loan And Trust Company (12825) 2 3/16/1991 Changed name to Inb Banking Company, Northeast (12825). 3 6/1/1991 Moved bank headquarters from Columbia City, Indiana to Fort Wayne, Indiana. 4 7/23/1993 Merged into and subsequently operated as part of NBD Bank, National Association in Gary, Indiana (8075)


5/12/1907 Leslie Charteris born in Singapore, "the son of an English woman and a wealthy Chinese doctor who claimed descent from China's second century B.C. ruling Shang dynasty"

6/13/11907 Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail B5A-P6 PLAT 06-13-1907 07:01 AM $0.00 1 page Parties ROMYS SUB TO

B5A-P5 PLAT 06-13-1907 07:01 AM $0.00 1 page Parties BAYERS ADD TO Legals SEC: 36 TWP: 31 RNG: 12

8/10/1907 INDIANA VENEER AND LUMBER COMPANY Filing Date: AUGUST 19, 1907 County: NEW YORK Jurisdiction: INDIANA Active: JAMES N. HAYDEN 540 1ST. AVE. NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 10016

#3832 Old National Bank in Evansville est. 08/27/1907
The Ohio National Bank in Lima, Ohio changed name to "Old National"

Allen, IN B5A-P11 PLAT 09-14-1907 07:01 AM $0.00 1 page Parties FEDERAL PLACE TO Legals SEC: 14 TWP: 30 RNG: 12

10/25/1907 E.H. Harriman was accused of trying to control the country's commerce by controlling transportation; was prevented from devaluing Illinois Central RR stock by making the line a mere feeder of the .Union Pacific.

(Wells Fargo Bank) The Central National Bank of San Angelo 40 West Beauregard Street San Angelo,TX 76901 FDIC Certificate #: 5507 Date Established: 10/31/1907

BANK OF INDIANA : 191193-083 Creation : 11/27/1907 Inactive : 1/1/1970


The Fort Wayne Board of Realtors was organized; Henry P. Scherer was "special agent" for American Central Life

The Realty Trust Company of Atlanta was organized with Asa G. Candler on the Board of Directors.

GASTON HOME TELEPHONE CO : 191196-078 Creation : 2/14/1908 Inactive: 1/1/1970


4/30/1908 B.F. McCune purchased 260 oil wells near Hartford City from the Jewel Oil Company.

5/3/1908 Fire destroyed the New Aveline Hotel in Fort Wayne, killing the hotel receptionist and a number of guests who could not escape

5/26/1908 Straus Brothers purchased $50,000 in Fort Wayne street improvement bonds, endorsed by Barrett and Morris, to be sold with dividends payable semi-annually for the next 10 years.

THE WELLS COUNTY BANK : 191202-010 Creation : 6/26/1908 Inactive : 1/1/1975 = Lincoln National Bank

COMMERCIAL STATE BANK : 191202-061 Creation : 7/10/1908 Inactive : 1/1/1975

LAKE BUILDNG AND LOAN ASSOCIATION: 191202-098 Creation: 7/21/1908 Inactive : 1/1/1975

THE FARMERS MUTUAL CYCLONE AND HAIL INSURANCE COMPANY : 191203-041 Creation : 8/5/1908 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FARMERS MUTUAL LIVE STOCK INSURANCE ASSOCIATION : 191203-074 Creation Date: 8/14/1908 Inactive: 1/1/1975

8/26/1908 Van B.Perrine purchased resort property and island at Clear Lake, with Eugene Hardendorf; see Clear Lake Resprts 1960

CAPITAL MUTUAL LIVE STOCK INSURANCE COMPANY : 191206-064 Creation : 11/23/1908 Inactive : 1/1/1975

12/5/1908 Robert Fleming Arrival Date: 5 Dec 1908 Estimated birth year: abt 1845 Age: 63 Gender: Male Port of Departure: Liverpool, England Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: Scottish (Scotish) Ship Name: Lucania Search Ship Database: View the Lucania in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database Port of Arrival: New York, New York Nativity: Scotland Line: 11 Microfilm Serial: T715 Microfilm Roll: T715_1175 Birth Location: Scotland Birth Location Other: Dundee, Scotland Page Number: 4



Harrison W. Kryder resided on 71 acres in Sec 28; his son John Clemence (Clarence's brother) resided on 64 acres of Sec. 22. This was later platted as "Kryder's Additions to the Town of Leo, Indiana."; Aetna had two branch offices, one in New York, one in Fort Wayne; Edgar Scherer elected VP of the Fort Wayne Mutual Benefit Association (Knights of Pythias fund)

(Wells Fargo Bank) Norwest Bank Texas, Post, National Association West Main Street Post,TX 79356 FDIC Certificate #: 3396 Date Established: 1/1/1909

AMERICAN LIVE STOCK INSURANCE COMPANY : 191209-005 Creation : 1/14/1909 Inactive: 1/1/1975

KANSAS TELEPHONE COMPANY : 191209-049 Creation : 1/20/1909 Inactive Date: 1/1/1970

International Opium Commission met in Shanghai at the initiative of the United States, February 1-26, 1909, to study the problems of opium traffic; 43.2.9 Records of the U.S. Delegations to the International Opium Commission and Conferences

INDIANA MUTUAL LIVE STOCK INSURANCE CO : 191210-051Creation: 2/11/1909 Inactive: 1/1/1975

LOGANSPORT BASS LAKE AND LAPORTE AIR LINE RAILWAY COMPANY : 191212-015 Creation : 3/1/1909 Inactive : 1/1/1975

(Wells Fargo Bank) State Bank of Rogers Main Street Rogers,MN 55374 FDIC Certificate #: 9335 Date Established: 6/26/1909

04/01/1909 Beginnning of Continental National Bank, Lincoln, Nebraska, as The German American State Bank.

  • THE UNION LOAN & TRUST CO : 191213-012 Creation : 4/1/1909 Inactive : 1/1/1975

INDIANA AND CHICAGO TRACTION COMPANY : 191212-034 Creation: 4/9/1909 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FARMERS STATE BANK : 191213-059 Creation : 4/15/1909 Inactive : 1/1/1975

BOWSER BELT LINE RAILROAD COMPANY: 191215-041 Creation : 5/19/1909 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FEC 1st Mtg Bonds 6/1/1909 due 6/1/1959

THE CINCINNATI LOUISVILLE INDIANAPOLIS ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO : 191217-027 Creation : 6/23/1909 Inactive : 1/1/1975

6/30/1909 Founding of Keisei Electric Railway, Japan (Oriental Land Company)


MUTUAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF PETERSBURG : 191209-019 Creation : 7/15/1909 Inactive : 1/1/1975

EASTERN INDIANA RAILROAD: 191219-021 Creation : 8/3/1909 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FARMERS & MERCHANTS BANK : 191219-071 Creation : 8/18/1909 Inactive : 1/1/1975

8/17/1909 Consolidation of International Life Insurance Company (formerly John Hough, Agent) and Great American life Insurance Company

FORT WAYNE HAY AND GRAIN COM : 191220-043 Creation : 8/31/1909 Inactive : 1/1/1970

FORT WAYNE BUSINESS COLLEGE : 191222-047 Creation : 9/7/1909 Inactive : 1/1/1970

9/09/1909 Death of E.H. Harriman, one of biggest railroad owners in U.S.

  • 9/09/1909 A.O.I. Ohio National Life Insurance Company, Atlas Bank Building

10/06/1909 Will of Henry B. Smith left his widow an estate of $800,000.00, making her "one of the wealthiest women in Indiana."

THE GERMAN BENEFICIAL UNION CLUB OF CLINTON IND : 191223-032 Creation : 10/25/1909 Inactive : 1/1/1975

CENTRAL MUTUAL LIVE STOCK IN : 191223-037 Creation : 10/26/1909 Inactive : 1/1/1970

November 1909 Mitsui Bank reorganized (Capital stock: ¥ 20 million)


German American Bank, Jasper IN organized ; first Morris Plan organized in Norfolk, VA;

King George V's reign over a unitary United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland began in 1910 under the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha,

Founding of Eugenics Record Office, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY, financed primarily by Mary Harriman, widow of E.H. Harriman

Morgan Interests announced they had captured Levi P. Morton's trust company and dethroned Thomas Fortune Ryan, street railway king of New York

THE CITIZENS TRUST CO : 191227-014 Creation: 1/15/1910 Date: 1/1/1975

HAMMOND WHITING AND EAST CHICAGO RAILWAY CO: 191228-045 Creation : 2/4/1910 Inactive : 1/1/1975

2/9/1910 The German-American Bank announced that a new trust company would be forming in Fort Wayne to accommodate anticipated financial growth; the new company would be closely allied with the German American Bank and many of the stockholders would be identical.

WAYNE BANK AND TRUST CO : 145 WEST MAIN STREET , CAMBRIDGE CITY, IN 47327 : 191229-045 Active Creation : 2/25/1910

  • Star Bank, National Association 1 West Main Street Fairborn,OH 45324 FDIC Certificate #: 6668 Date Established: 2/25/1910

STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE CO INC : 191230-059 Creation : 3/15/1910 Inactive : 1/1/1975

"CITIZENS STATE BANK" OF ROYAL CENTRE INDIANA : 191231-069 Creation : 3/31/1910 Inactive: 1/1/1975

  • 3/31/1910 Organization of The Peoples Life Insurance Company, Frankfort, Indiana

  • 3/31/1910 CITY AND SUBURBAN RAILWAY CO. : MARCH 31, 1910 County: NEW YORK Jurisdiction: NEW YORK Status: ACTIVE

  • CORNER STONE LODGE #536 KNIGHTS OF PYTHIASr: 191231-070 : 3/31/1910: 1/1/1975

4/05/1910 The Transandine tunnel was opened linking Chile and the Argentine republic.

STRAUS BROTHERS COMPANY THE : 192815-012 Creation : 4/15/1910 Inactive : 1/1/1970

CARROLL COUNTY LOAN TRUST & SAVINGS CO : 191233-055 Creation : 5/2/1910 Inactive : 1/1/1975

CITIZENS LOAN & TRUST CO: 191235-068 Creation: 6/7/1910 Inactive: 1/1/1975

INDIANA HOTEL AND MOTEL ASSOCIATION INC : 191236-004 Creation : 6/8/1910 Inactive : 1/1/1978

THE WILDWOOD LUMBER COMPANY: 191238-002 Creation : 7/7/1910 Inactive : 1/1/1978

7/12/1910 Fort Wayne Trust Company transferred Lot 209 Avondale Addition to H.H. Peckham

(Wells Fargo Central Bank) First National Bank 13 Williamsburg Lane Chico,CA 95926 FDIC Certificate #: 3547 Date Established: 7/29/1910

SECURITY STATE BANK : 191239-039 Creation : 8/4/1910 Inactive e: 1/1/1975

HANOVER DEPOSIT BANK : 191241-050 Creation : 9/16/1910 Inactive : 1/1/1975

10/5/1910 Tax exempt bonds of the Town of Cicero and the City of Attica were offered by J.F. Wild & Cpmpany, a state bank, Indiana's oldest bond house, 123-125 E Market Street, Indianapolis

LINCOLN TRUST CO .: 191242-062: Creation : 10/11/1910 Inactive : 01/01/1975 merged in 1928

10/13/1910 increase stock Ohio National Life Insurance Company

11/1/1910 Royal Bank of Canada acquired Union Bank of Halifax, Halifax

INDIANAPOLIS & CINCINNATI TRACTION COMPANY : 191244-042 Creation: 11/12/1910 Inactive: 1/1/1975

CHICAGO TERRE HAUTE AND SOUTHEASTERN RAILWAY COMPANY : 191245-027 Creation : 11/26/1910 Inactive : 12/31/1987

FIRST NATIONAL SECURITY INSU: 191244-016 Creation : 11/3/1910 Inactive : 1/1/1970

AMERICAN REALTY COMPANY : 191246-035 Creation : 12/16/1910 Inactive : 1/1/1970

STANDARD WHEELMAKERS BENEFIT ASSOCIATION : 191246-051 Creation : 12/19/1910 Inactive : 1/1/1975

THE ACTON STATE BANK Creation : 12/29/1910 Inactive : 1/1/1975


: Robert Todd Lincoln resigned as president of The Pullman Company and was Chairman of the Board until 1/14/1922

Cities Service issued its common stock; General Electric established headquarters in Nelo Park, the world's first industrial park, East Cleveland, Ohio; Standard Oil dissolved under court order, creating Standard Oil of New Jersey (Exxon), Standard Oil of New York (Mobil), Standard Oil [California] (Chevron), Standard Oil of Ohio (Sohio, arm of BP), Standard Oil of Indiana (Amoco), Continental Oil (Conoco), Atlantic (ARCO);

Aetna formed bond department to sell fidelity and surety coverages;

George E. Sebring founded Sebring, Florida.;

Thomas Gordon Moorhead came to Allen County;

Tokyo Railway came under management of Tokyo Municipal Government

The Cass County State Bank 100-102 South Main Street Walton,IN 46994 FDIC Certificate #: 13098 Date Established: 1/1/1911 (Salin Bank and Trust Company)
Blue River Federal Savings Bank 100 E Main Cross Street Edinburgh,IN 46124 FDIC Certificate #: 30075 Date Established: 1/1/1911 (Salin Bank and Trust Company)

NORTHERN INDIANA BUILDING LOAN FUND AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION: Control Number: 191247-050 Creation : 1/10/1911 Inactive : 1/1/1975  (Valley Savings Bank)

FARMERS TRUST COMPANY : 191251-018 Creation : 1/17/1911 Inactive : 1/1/1975

AMERICAN BANKERS LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY : 191248-036 Creation: 1/24/1911 Inactive: 1/1/1975

1/27/1911 Byron H. Barnett sold the Fort Wayne Transfer company for $20,000 to the Motor Transfer Company, Van B. Perrine, pres.

FARMERS STATE BANK : 191248-073 Creation : 2/2/1911 Inactive : 1/1/1975

WAYNE LODGE NO 2791 GRAND UNITED ORDER OF ODD FELLOWS: 191248-088 Creation : 2/3/1911 Inactive: 1/1/1975

UNION STATE BANK : 191249-018 Creation : 2/8/1911 Inactive: 1/1/1975

EDGEWOOD REALTY COMPANY : 191249-019 Creation : 2/9/1911 Inactive : 1/1/1970

James M. Barrett, Pres. FT WAYNE AND NORTHERN INDIANA TRACTION COMPANY : 191249-073 Creation : 2/13/1911 Inactive : 1/1/1975

ALLEN INSURANCE AGENCY INCOR : 191249-075 Creation : 2/27/1911 Inactive : 1/1/1970

FARMERS & MERCHANTS STATE BANK : 191250-010 Creation : 3/1/1911 Inactive : 1/1/1975

CENTRAL ELECTRIC COMPANY : 191250-042 Creation : 3/7/1911 Inactive : 1/1/1970

4/22/1911 John J. McNamara was arrested in his office in the American Central Building in Indianapolis, charged with conspiracy in the dynamiting of The Los Angeles Times Building and the Llewellyn Iron Works in Los Angeles; dynamite was found in the basement of the American Central Building.

5/5/1911 Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail B6A-P28 PLAT 05-05-1911 07:01 AM $0.00 1 page Parties CEDAR CREEK CEMETERY 2ND ADD TO

Norwest Bank Wisconsin Appleton 118 South State Street Appleton,WI 54912 FDIC Certificate #: 2454 Date Established: 5/22/1911

BANKING AND TRUST COMPANY: 191256-017 Creation : 6/17/1911 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FORT WAYNE WASTE PAPER COMPA: 191256-030 Creation : 6/22/1911 Inactive: 1/1/1970

GERMAN GUARANTY BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION : 191258-005 Creation : 7/19/1911 Inactive : 1/1/1975


JASPER BUILDING AND LOAN ASS : 191258-034 Creation : 7/28/1911 Inactive : 1/1/1970

08/05/1911 B6A-P42 SIMONS WH ADD TO PLAT

MONARCH BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION : 191260-005 Creation : 8/28/1911 Inactive : 1/1/1975

INDIANAPOLIS FLORIDA LAND COMPANY 800317 Filed 10/02/1911 State IN DISSOLVED 06/04/1936

WHITING BUTCHERS AND GROCERS ASSOCIATION OF WHITING INDIANA : 191263-005 Creation : 10/25/1911 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FERDINAND RAILROAD COMPANY : PO BOX 10 , CORYDON, IN 47112 : 191262-024 Creation : 10/13/1911 Inactive : 4/19/1988

AMERICAN STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY : 191266-007 Creation : 12/22/1911 Inactive : 1/1/1975

Articles signed 12/22/1911:

KIRKPATRICK GRAIN CO INC : PO Box 50, LINDEN, IN 47955 : Control Number: 191266-009 Status: Active Creation : 12/26/1911 :

American Standard Life and Accident 5/18/1966 5/23/1966

COLONIAL LIFE & ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY: 1560 Broadway, Denver, CO 80202, Jurisdiction: South Carolina Formation Date: 06/08/1966 (check dated 5/23/1966) ; Articles 4/15/1964 signed chartered 4/18/1939


LINCOLN INVESTMENT TRUST INCORPORATED : 194417-105 : Creation : 6/8/1962 ? Inactive : 1/1/1978

LINCOLN INVESTMENT TRUST INCORPORATED Entity Address: General Entity Information: Control Number: 194417-105 Status: Revoked Entity Type: Miscellaneous Entity Creation Date: 6/8/1964 Entity Date to Expire: Entity Inactive Date: 1/1/1978

American Standard Insurance Company of Wisconsin formed 6/8/1962

STANDARD DRUG PRODUCTS INCOR : 194348-017 Creation : 6/8/1962 Inactive : 1/1/1970

U S INCINERATOR LEASING CORP : 194412-025 Creation : 4/15/1964 Inactive : 1/1/1970

aka First Fidelity 8/19/1968

FALCON PETROLEUM, INC. Status: Not Active Est. in Louisiana: 08/19/1968 WITHDRAWAL (07/01/1984)

6/8/1966 Penn Mutual Life Insurance amended

COLONIAL HOST RESTAURANTS INC 305215 Filed 05/18/1966 DISSOLVED 06/10/1968

06/10/1968 Codicil to the Will of Frank Freimann Probated in New York City ; No Probate in Allen County where Charitable Trust was left in Fort Wayne National Bank. Codicil specifically states the investments left behind by Freimann were not to be invested in mutual funds. No successor Trustee was appointed by Probate Court



"Jardine Matheson's business was in Shanghai and from 1912 the city was regarded as the Company's headquarters"

"In 1912, Sebring (Ohio) became the site of a factory which produced a motor car, far ahead of its time." (The Sebring 6).

National City Bank was established in Indianapolis;

March 1912 Sumitomo Bank reorganized (Capital stock: ¥ 15 million)

Standard Bank of British South Africa opened a branch in New York.

Fire at the Equitable Society Building , New York City : "The heaviest loss besides that of the building was caused by the destruction of insurance and railroad records."

FARMERS NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA : 191265-068 Creation : 1/17/1912 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FARMERS TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK OF KOKOMO INDIANA : 191267-027 : 1/18/1912 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FARMERS AND MERCHANTS TRUST COMPANY : 191268-041 Creation : 2/6/1912 Inactive : 1/1/1975

COMMERCIAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY : 111 N HARRISON ST, ALEXANDRIA, IN 46001 : 191268-052 Status: Merged Creation : 2/7/1912 Inactive : 12/11/1989

MARTINSVILLE TRUST COMPANY OF MARTINSVILLE INDIANA : Control Number: 191269-041 Creation Date: 2/19/1912 Inactive Date: 1/1/1975

INDUSTRIAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION : 191270-065 Creation : 3/6/1912 Inactive : 1/1/1975

AG PLUS, INC. : 401 N MAIN ST, PO BOX 306, SOUTH WHITLEY, IN 46787 : 192835-117 Status: Active Creation : 3/12/1912 Other Names 7/1/2001 ALLEN COUNTY COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION INC

INDIANA SILO COMPANY , Incorporation [03/14/1912]

INDIANAPOLIS CRAWFORDSVILLE AND DANVILLE ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO : 191274-030 Creation : 4/20/1912 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FORT WAYNE UNION TRACTION COMPANY : 191275-061 Creation : 5/13/1912 Inactive : 1/1/1975

INDIANAPOLIS NEW CASTLE AND EASTERN TRACTION COMPANY : 191277-004 Creation : 6/1/1912 Inactive : 1/1/1975

CHICAGO GARY AND FORT WAYNE RAILROAD COMPANY : 191278-001 Creation : 6/15/1912 Inactive : 1/1/1975

HUNTINGTON RICHMOND AND HAMILTON RAILROAD COMPANY : 191278-029 Creation : 6/24/1912 Inactive : 1/1/1975

THE BREEZY POINT FISHING CLUB E: 191279-028 Creation : 7/13/1912 Inactive: 1/1/1975

Thomas Gordon Moorhead was admitted to Allen County Bar.


BLACKFORD COUNTY BANK : 191281-037 Creation : 8/23/1912 Inactive : 1/1/1975

(cf 1916 First Trust and "First American") AMERICAN TRUST AND SAVING BANK : 191282-026 Creation: 9/6/1912 Inactive : 1/1/1975

9/19/1912 Pontiac Place Add

INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENT COMPAN : 191283-056 Creation : 9/27/1912 Inactive : 1/1/1970

FARMERS TRUST COMPANY : 191285-050 Creation : 10/11/1912 Inactive : 1/1/1975

NORTH AMERICAN MIDLAND RAILWAY COMPANY ( & SALINA, SALINE COUNTY) TOPEKA, KS 66611 Incorporation [10/25/1912] Expiration [10/25/1962]

INDIANA STATE BANK : 191287-054 Creation : 11/16/1912 Inactive : 1/1/1975

12/9/1912 Bank of Nova Scotia

1913 Federal Reserve Act

State of Indiana adopted Inheritance Tax; Continental Oil reincorporated after breakup of Standard Oil Trust; separation of Central and Southern Pacific Railroad Companies completed; "Aetna began fire and marine coverages in 1913...by copying the standard industry practice of a "fire agency system,"- firms specializing solely in fire and marine lines. In some cases, especially marine lines, Aetna sold directly from the branch office. ; Aetna formed a Group department to sell group life insurance; Federal Reserve Act made the Federal Reserve the central bank..

(Wells Fargo Bank) United States National Bank 190 Broadway San Diego,CA 92112 FDIC Certificate #: 3506 Date Established: 1/1/1913

CITIZENS TRUST COMPANY : 191290-011 Creation: 1/2/1913 Inactive: 1/1/1975

Samuel Disler Date: 5 Jan 1913 Location: Grabill Indiana Age: 76 yr Gender: Male Race: White Source Location: County Health Office, Fort Wayne Source Notes: The source of this record is the book H-14 on page 141 within the series produced by the Indiana Works Progress Administration.

1/14/1913 DKIRK, INC. : 10521 MILLINGTON COURT, CINCINNATI, OH 45242 193066-044 Status: Active Other Names : 12/5/2007 INDIANA GLASS COMPANY

1/27/1913 Merger of International Life Insurance and Tennessee Life Insurance

GARY AND INTERURBAN RAILROAD COMPANY : 192460-012 Creation : 1/28/1913 : Inactive : 1/1/1975

INDIANAPOLIS AND CINCINNATI ELECTRIC RAILROAD : 191292-007 Creation : 2/3/1913 Inactive Date: 1/1/1975

NORTHWESTERN STATE BANK : 191293-031 Creation : 2/13/1913 Inactive : 1/1/1975

  • FARMERS STATE BANK : 191293-010 Creation : 2/10/1913 Inactive : 1/1/1975

THE RICHMOND PORTLAND AND FORT WAYNE RAILROAD COMPANY: 191295-016 Creation : 3/4/1913 Inactive : 1/1/1975

NORTHWESTERN STATE BANK OF INDIANAPOLIS : 191296-061 Creation : 3/31/1913 Inactive : 1/1/1975

CLINTON TRUST COMPANY : 191298-011 Creation : 4/17/1913 Inactive : 1/1/1975

  • WELLS COUNTY AGRICULTURAL AS : 191298-020 Creation : 4/17/1913 Inactive : 1/1/1970

FARMERS STATE BANK : 191298A027 Creation : 4/21/1913 Inactive : 1/1/1975


INTERNATIONAL TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK : 191500-045 Creation : 5/27/1913 Inactive : 1/1/1975

5/29/1913 Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail B7A-P14 PLAT 05-29-1913 07:01 AM $0.00 2 pages Parties PENNSYLVANIA PLACE ADD TO Legals SEC: 18 TWP: 30 RNG: 13

GRAIN DEALERS SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION : 191505-017 Creation : 6/1/1913 Inactive: 1/1/1975

NORTH WILDWOOD COMPANY THE : 191503-040 Creation : 7/9/1913 Inactive : 1/1/1970

8/28/1913 Driving Park Addition Plat

Thomas Gordon Moorhead was disbarred in fall Superior Court proceedings.

09/04/1913 White Fruit House Department Store moved its location to the entire first floor and basement of The Lincoln Life Building.

GERMAN AMERICAN LIFE AND ACCIDENT ASSOC : 191508-019 Creation : 9/23/1913 Inactive : 1/1/1975

PRUDENTIAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOC : 191508-065 Creation : 10/6/1913 Inactive : 1/1/1975

10/07/1913 The Lincoln Trust and Savings Bank incorporated in Chicago.

LINCOLN FRATERNAL ORDER THE : 191509-030 Creation : 10/14/1913 Inactive: 1/1/1970

WILDWOOD PARK COMPANY : 192677-003 Creation : 12/31/1913 Inactive : 1/1/1970


The International Harvester Company was under federal and state indictments as an illegal business combination in restraint of trade;

Strauss Brothers planned new Fort Wayne trust company; Harrison W. Kryder and his third wife Frances Ellen resided in Grabill, Indiana; 1914 The trade mark of Mitsubishi (three-diamond) was registered.

(Wells Fargo Bank) Mercantile Bank, National Association 835 East Levee Street Brownsville,TX 78520 FDIC Certificate #: 3117 Date Established: 1/1/1914

  • Wells Fargo Bank Wyoming, National Association 234 East First Street Casper,WY 82601 FDIC Certificate #: 2210 Date Established: 1/1/1914

TERMINAL BUILDING AND LOAN: 191514-053 Creation: 1/3/1914 Inactive : 1/1/1975

THE NORTHERN TRUST & SAVINGS BANK : 191516-056 Creation : 1/27/1914 Inactive : 1/1/1975

  • MERCHANTS CREDIT ASSOCIATION : 191516-054 Creation : 1/27/1914 Inactive: 1/1/1970

MAJESTIC THEATER COMPANY THE : 192654-042 : 2/13/1914 Inactive : 1/1/1970

4/20/1914 Articles of the International Life Insurance Company, St. Louis

4/21/1914 Straus Brothers announced plans for a new big trust company.

FARMERS STATE BANK : 191527-026 Creation : 5/27/1914 Inactive: 1/1/1975

FARMERS SAVINGS AND TRUST COMPANY : 191527-003 Creation : 5/20/1914 Inactive : 1/1/1975

7/31/1914 New York Stock Exchange closed following a run on the Bank of England and decree of state of war in the German Empire by Emperor William

8/23/1914 Japan declared war on Germany; it should be noted that American, German, and Japanese industrialists were linked through the German American Bank and the Mitsui copper supply

FARMERS & TRADERS BANK : 191535-024 Creation : 10/14/1914 Inactive: 1/1/1975


1/6/1915 The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company re-incorporated in New York as a mutual company; Straus Brothers sold farmland to Illinois and Indiana purchasers.; Thomas Gordon Moorhead petitioned for readmission to practice

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RAIL : 191542-052 Creation : 2/16/1915 Inactive : 1/1/1970

AMERICAN STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE CO : 191543-038 Creation : 2/26/1915 Inactive : 1/1/1975

see 1900 THE FIRST TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK OF WHITING : 191546-026 Creation : 4/7/1915 Inactive : 1/1/1975

6/1/1915 Tax exempt bonds of the City of Indianapolis offered by J.F. Wild & Co., due 7/1/1940

FARMERS STATE BANK : 191650-047 Creation : 6/11/1915 Inactive Date: 1/1/1975

7/2/1915 B7C-P116 PLAT 07-02-1915 07:01 AM $0.00 1 page Parties HARRISON HILL TO Legals SEC: 23 TWP: 30 RNG: 12

8/1/1915 Farley Gannett, Consulting Engineer founded Gannett Fleming

9/12/1915 Robert Fleming Arrival Date: 12 Sep 1915 Estimated birth year: abt 1845 Age: 70 Gender: Male Port of Departure: Liverpool, England Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: Scottish (Scotish) Ship Name: St Louis Search Ship Database: View the St Louis in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database Port of Arrival: New York, New York Nativity: Scotland Line: 22 Microfilm Serial: T715 Microfilm Roll: T715_2430 Birth Location: Scotland Page Number: 74

THE FORT WAYNE MORRIS PLAN COMPANY : 192651-041 Creation : 9/13/1915; 1/1/1970; opened 10/04/1915 in the Lincoln Life Building; 217 East Berry Street; converted to Anthony Wayne Bank in 1943.

E I DU PONT DE NEMOURS AND COMPANY : 1007 MARKET ST, D-13111, WILMINGTON, DE 19898 : 191456-012 : Active Creation : 10/16/1915

WABASH RAILWAY COMPAN : 191659-022 Creation : 10/22/1915 Inactive : 1/1/1975

THE CINCINNATI, INDIANAPOLIS & WESTERN RAILROAD COMPANY : c/o R.W. Drucker, President 100 N. Charles St. S.C B-11-D, BALTIMORE, MD 21201: 191659-051 Creation : 10/30/1915 Inactive : 8/23/1990

THE FARMERS RURAL CREDIT LOAN AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION OF IND: 191661-001 Creation : 11/20/1915 Inactive: 1/1/1975 -


1916 Federal Farm Loan Act

Name "Pennzoil" was trademarked by Pennsylvania Refining Company; S.W. Straus & Co. incorporated in New York; beginning of Land Banks to provide farmers with cheaper, better long term financing; Federal Estate Tax was adopted

MERCHANTS ICE & COAL COMPANY : 192703-016 Creation : 1/3/1916 Inactive : 1/1/1970

HOOSIER-DIXIE HIGHWAY ASSOCIATION Creation : 1/3/1916 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FORT WAYNE AND DECATUR TRACTION COMPANY: 191666-005 Creation : 2/15/1916 Inactive : 1/1/1975

2/26/1916 Robert Fleming Arrival Date: 16 Feb 1916 Estimated birth year: abt 1845 Age: 71 Gender: Male Port of Departure: Liverpool, England Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: Irish Ship Name: St Paul Search Ship Database: View the St Paul in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database Port of Arrival: New York, New York Nativity: Scotland Line: 26 Microfilm Serial: T715 Microfilm Roll: T715_2452 Birth Location: Scotland Page Number: 14

THE PEOPLE'S BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION : 191666-012 Creation : 2/16/1916 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FARMERS TRUST COMPANY : 191667-036 Creation : 2/28/1916 Inactive : 1/1/1975

(Northern Indiana Oil and Gas) CUDAHY COMPANY : 191458-002 Creation : 3/2/1916 Inactive : 7/11/1988

THE STATE RURAL SAVINGS & LOAN : 191667-051 Creation : 3/8/1916 Inactive : 1/1/1975
  • NOBLESVILLE TRUST COMPANY : 191667-047 Creation : 3/8/1916 Inactive : 1/1/1975

    FIRST TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK : 192703-005 Creation : 3/11/1916 Inactive : 1/1/1975

EVANSVILLE MORRIS PLAN COMPA : 191668-048 Creation : 3/22/1916 Inactive : 1/1/1970

FARMERS STATE BANK : 191670-005 Creation : 5/3/1916 Inactive : 1/1/1975

  • AMERICAN TRUST COMPANY : 191670-002 Creation: 5/3/1916 Inactive: 1/1/1975


  • PEOPLES TRUST COMPANY : 191670-044 Creation : 5/8/1916 Inactive : 1/1/1975

DELAWARE SAND AND GRAVEL COM : 192628-041 Creation : 5/11/1916 Inactive : 1/1/1970

6/10/1916 Robert Fleming10 Jun 1916 Estimated birth year: abt 1845 Age: 71 Years 3 Months Gender: Male Port of Departure: Liverpool, England Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: English Ship Name: Finland Search Ship Database: View the Finland in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database Port of Arrival: New York, New York Nativity: Scotland Line: 25 Microfilm Serial: T715 Microfilm Roll: T715_2472 Birth Location: Scotland Birth Location Other: Dundee, Scotland Page Number: 162

  • OWNERS MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE COMPANY : 191673-060 Creation: 6/27/1916 Inactive Dat: 1/1/1975
  • BUENA VISTA SAVINGS AND LOAN COMPANY MIAMI FL Number 007662 Filed 06/27/1916 State FL CONVERTED TO NOTES 10/21/1974 Officer/Director HILL, H. B. . . P FREEMAN, H. J. . . V MONTGOMERY, CHAS. . . S GARNETT, M. . . T GEORGE, J. . . D YOUNG, SAM T.
  • CENTRAL BANK Number: C0082501 Filed: 6/27/1916 Status: inactive

HOME BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY : 192634C006 Creation : 6/20/1916 Inactive: 1/1/1970

7/17/1916 Federal Farm Loan Act established the Farm Loan Board (1916-1937) to organize and administer the land banks authorized by the act.

7/19/1916 Plans announced by the Boards of Commissioners in Wells and Blackford Counties for the first macadam road to be built by Blackford County.

8/15/1916 Bayland Orphan Home check for real estate sold issued but never deposited Harris County, TX First National Bank 35-1

THE MORRIS PLAN COMPANY OF TERRE HAUTE, INC. : PO BOX 869 , TERRE HAUTE, IN 47808 : 191677-014 Status: Active Creation : 8/22/1916

  • CO-OPERATIVE MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY : 191677-009 Creation : 8/22/1916 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FARMERS STATE BANK : 191677-059 Creation : 9/6/1916 Inactive : 1/1/1975

CO-OPERATIVE RURAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOC : 191678-022 Creation : 9/13/1916 Inactive : 1/1/1975

UNION TRUST & SAVINGS BANK : 191680-026 Creation : 10/20/1916 Inactive : 1/1/1975

11/6/1916 Driving Park Add Extended Plat

11/15/1916 Mary Lily Kenan Flagler wed Judge Robert Worth Bingham of Louisville, KY (see David Levy married to Ky Atty General's daughter during Civil War )


Frank H. Kryder was associated with the Wayne Oil Tank and Pump Company, W.M. Griffin, president

Marland Oil Company was founded.

Merger of Lincoln Life with Pioneer Life, Fargo, ND made Lincoln one of largest companies in the state.;

Hamilton Bank merged with First National Bank in Fort Wayne; Citizen's Trust moved into the Transfer Building.

In Lincoln, Nebraska, Wheaton and Walker Battey joined the The German American State Bank- the name was dropped and "Continental State Bank" was adopted;

Nishihara Loans 1917-18 put China deeper in debt to Japan; Bolshevik Revolution; 1917 Mitsubishi Shipyard established- began development of Model-A passenger car

1/1/1917 (Lincoln National Bank = Norwest =Wells Fargo Bank) Institution established. Original name: La Porte Bank And Trust Company (15456)

FARMERS STATE BANK : 191690-010 Creation : 2/27/1917 Inactive : 1/1/1975

3/23/1917 Charter of the Federal Land Bank of Louisville

3/30/1917 Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail B8A-P27 PLAT 03-30-1917 07:01 AM $0.00 1 page Parties BLUFFTON INTERURBAN GARDEN ADD TO Legals SEC: 28 TWP: 30 RNG: 12

NATIONAL TRANSIT COMPANY : 191694-007 Creation : 4/6/1917 Inactive : 1/1/1975

4/28/1917 Beginning of code and cipher decryption unit established as the Cable and Telegraph Section, MI-8, in the Military Information Section (MIS), War College Division (WCD), War Department General Staff (WDGS), headquartered in Washington, DC.

5/8/1917 "BLOOMFIELD COMPANY SEEKS TO BUY PLANT INTERESTS The Indiana Power and Water Cornany of Bloomfleld petitioned the Public Servlce Commission yesterday for auhorlty to purchase the following elecrip light properties at the prices incllated: Vincennes Electric Tjlght Oomany, $75,062.40; City Klectilc" LlghtinK 'ompany of Vtncennes, $525,437.60' Con- Inental Utilities Company at 1'etersurg, $47,850, and at Dugger, $30,800. To nance this merger of properties the petitioning company asked for authority to Issue bonds In the sum of $452,000- capital Stock to the amount of $147,000 and notes in the sum of $170,000 H I> Clarke Is president of the petitioning company Bernard Korbly, as attorney, filed the petition."

5/24/1917 B8A-P35 HARRISON HILL ADD (AM PLAT OF 77-78-79) TO PLAT

6/2/1917 Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail B8A-P36 PLAT 06-02-1917 07:01 AM $0.00 1 page Parties BLUFFTON INTERURBAN GARDEN EXT TO


BEDFORD THEATRE CO : 191629-009 Creation : 6/29/1917 Inactive : 1/1/1970

7/14/1917 Pres. Wilson issued proclamation prohibiting German insurance companies from engaging in marine or war risk insurance in the United States. Also American companies were forbidden to reinsure with German companies.

8/13/1917 Death of Henry P. Scherer, impeached as Wayne Township Trustee

INDIANA INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY , Incorporation [09/19/1917]

  • THE WELFARE LOAN SOCIETY OF LAFAYETTE INDIANA : 192828-038 Creation : 9/19/1919 Inactive: 1/1/1975

MERCANTILE COMMERCIAL BANK : 191635-015 Creation : 9/21/1917 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FARMERS STATE BANK : 191636-027 Creation : 10/9/1917 Inactive : 1/1/1975

10/10/1917 $550,000 MORTGAGE Filed by Bass Foundry and Machine Company With County Recorder. A mortgage calling for $550,000, given to the Tri-State Loan and Trust company

10/24/1917 B8B-P61 PLAT 10-24-1917 07:01 AM $0.00 1 page Parties LIBERTY GARDEN ADD TO Legals SEC: 27 TWP: 30 RNG: 12

11/15/1917 Issue of Second Liberty Loan Bonds, to be due 11/15/1942; interest paid every 5/15/ and 11/15

THE FORT WAYNE REAL ESTATE BOARD : 191639-023 Creation : 11/27/1917 Inactive : 1/1/1975

  • EDISON GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO INC : 192672-003 Creation : 11/27/1917 Inactive : 1/1/1975


Times were dramatically different at National Life in 1918. Farming was the leading occupation of our customers.

(3/22/1893) Teutonia Building Loan and Savings Association changed name in 1918 to Home Loan Bank;

Louisville, KY Lincoln Savings Bank.changed name to Lincoln Savings Bank and Trust.

ROYAL CENTRE STATE BANK: 190060-066 Creation : 1/2/1918 Inactive : 1/1/1975

NOLAN REALTY INVESTORS COMPA : 191346-049 Creation : 1/9/1918 Inactive : 1/1/1970

2/9/1918 , February 9, 1918, the Military Intelligence Branch (MIB), WCD, WDGS

CENTRAL LUMBER COMPANY : 191576-022 Creation : 3/11/1918 Inactive : 1/1/1970

5/7/1918 Fireman's Fund Insurance Company

5/9/1918 Date of issue of bonds of Third Liberty Loan; interest paid every 3/15 and 9/15 until 1928.

5/31/1918 The German American Bank Fort Wayne changed its name to Lincoln National Bank;

TOKHEIM CORPORATION : P.O. Box 360, FORT WAYNE, IN 46801 : 193027-046 Status: Active Creation : 6/5/1918

08/18/1918 John Kryder, believed to have died in infancy, was born to Frank H. Kryder and Edith Ward (Long) Kryder.

LIBERTY TRUST COMPANY : 191587-035 Creation : 8/21/1918 Inactive: 1/1/1975

8/26/1918 August 26, 1918, the Military Intelligence Division (MID), WDGS.

FARMERS GRAIN & SUPPLY COMPA : 191588-011 Creation : 8/28/1918 Inactive : 1/1/1970

FARMERS GRAIN COMPANY INC : 191589-028 Creation : 9/18/1918 Inactive : 1/1/1978

IDEAL DAIRY COMPANY : 8TH AND WALNUT ST , EVANSVILLE, IN 47713 G: 191116-035 Creation : 10/18/1918 Inactive : 7/31/1989

11/11/1918 end of WWI

GUARANTY INDEMNITY CO : 191565-034 Creation : 11/14/1918 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FARMERS TRUST CO OF EVANSVILLE INDIANA : 191565-043 Creation : 11/21/1918 Inactive : 1/1/1975

LAGRANGE TOLEDO AND EASTERN RAILWAY CO: 191566-004 Creation : 11/25/1918 Inactive : 1/1/1975

CITIZENS FIRST STATE BANK OF HARTFORD CITY : 1005 N 100 E , HARTFORD CITY, IN 47348 : 194005-123 Creation : 11/6/1918 Inactive : 7/1/1991 Other Names 2/1/1988 THE CITIZENS STATE BANK 9/19/1990 TRUSTCORP BANK, HARTFORD CITY THE

MERCHANTS TRUST & SAVINGS CO : 191566-056 Creation: 12/18/1918 Inactive : 1/1/1975

EVANSVILLE & OHIO VALLEY RAI 830 E WALNUT ST, EVANSVILLE, IN 47713 : 191566-049 Creation : 12/18/1918 Inactive : 7/31/1989

The First Joint Stock Land Bank of Fort Wayne, an affiliate of (Fort Wayne) Old National Bank was chartered December 20, under the Federal Farm Loan Act. It operated in Indiana and Ohio.(12/20/1918);


Founding of AT & T;

Recorded Partnership of Kryder and Ayers Allen County Partner Book 1 p 209, 328-329 Utility Building, "Realtors"; Frank H. and Edith Kryder resided at 952 E Wayne Street, Fort Wayne;

Pullman Bank of Commerce & Industry 6100 North Northwest Highway Chicago,IL 60631 FDIC Certificate #: 13752 Date Established: 1/1/1919


1/16/1919 Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, prohibiting the manufacture, sale and importation of intoxicating liquors ratified on 16 January 1919

Union Investment Company 320 W Fort Street, Detroit, which owned Fort Wayne Mortgage Company, incorporated 1/31/1919 in Michigan.

COCA COLA BOTTLING WORKS OF GARY INDIANA : 191569-019 Creation: 2/1/1919 Inactive: 1/1/1975

2/28/1919 Fort Wayne and Northern Indiana Traction Company went into receivership and James M. Barrett, president asked the state to make up company deficits out of taxpayer funds

3/3/1919 Robert Fleming Arrival Date: 3 Mar 1919 Estimated birth year: abt 1845 Age: 74 Gender: Male Port of Departure: Liverpool, England Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: Scottish (Scotish) Ship Name: Lapland Search Ship Database: View the Lapland in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database Port of Arrival: New York, New York Nativity: Scotland Line: 19 Microfilm Serial: T715 Microfilm Roll: T715_2627 Birth Location: Scotland Birth Location Other: Dundee, Scotland Page Number: 12

INDIANA FARM BUREAU, INC.: P.O. BOX 1290 225 SOUTH EAST STREET, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46206 : 192823-043 Status: Active Creation : 4/17/1919

VALPARAISO REALTY CO : 191596-038 Creation : 4/28/1919 Inactive : 1/1/1975

OHIO BUILDING COMPANY : 191599-028 Creation : 5/17/1919 Inactive : 1/1/1970

5/20/1919 MI-8 moved to New York City by order of COS, May 20, 1919, where it continued intelligence activities as the Code Compilation Company under Herbert O. Yardley

6/01/1919 The 5/17/1904 Italo American Mutual Trust Co. , later Lincoln Trust Co.( see 2/12//1924), Providence , RI changed name to Cosmopolitan Trust Co.

FARMERS COOPERATIVE SHIPPING ASSOCIATION : 191745-019 Creation : 6/17/1919 Inactive: 1/1/1975

(Farmers Trust & Savings) PEOPLES TRUST & SAVINGS : 191745-032 Creation : 6/18/1919 Inactive : 1/1/1975

6/26/1919 The Lincoln Trust Co. merged its interests with Straus Brothers Commercial Bank

6/28/1919 Treaty of Versailles

NORTH AMERICAN PETROLEUM COMPANY , Incorporation [07/02/1919]

PENNSYLVANIA DRILLING COMPANY: 500 Thompson Ave. , MCKEES ROCKS, PA 15136 : 191748-009 Active Creation : 7/11/1919 : Original Creation State: PA

MASONIC TEMPLE ASSOCIATION O : 4207 Utica/sellersburg Rd., JEFFERSONVILLE, IN 47130 : 191758-020 Creation : 7/7/1919 Inactive : 5/18/1998

7/15/1919 Dr. Bryan Barlow, medical director of the Lincoln Life was killed at Walker, MN

THE AMERICAN SECURITY COMPAN : 191771-036 Creation : 8/7/1919 Inactive: 1/1/1970

INTERNATIONAL REALTY COMPANY: 191772-010 Creation : 8/11/1919 Inactive : 1/1/1970

8/14/1919 700 bags of sugar seized by government from Central Sugar's Rockford. IL warehouse, in a crackdown against food hoarding and profiteering.

AMERICAN BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION : 191775-001 Creation : 8/20/1919 Inactive: 1/1/1975

NORTHWESTERN FINANCE COMPANY : 191775-008 Creation Date: 9/2/1919 Inactive : 1/1/1970

FARMERS STATE BANK : 191781-003 Creation : 9/7/1919 Inactive : 1/1/1975

Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail B8B-P102 PLAT 09/18/1919 07:01 AM $0.00 1 page Parties TREACES ADD TO

FEDERAL INVESTMENT & LOAN CO : 191781-028 Creation : 9/23/1919 Inactive: 1/1/1970

On the 1st day of .January, 1905 the Knickerbocker Trust Company conveyed the same real estate to Susan B. Shoaff tor $120.000. She sold the same property on the 30th day of September. 1919 to the Tri-State Loan and Trust Company for $400.000.

AMERICAN SECURITY COMPANY OF : 194010-090 Creation : 10/11/1919 Inactive : 1/1/1970

10/21/1919 Recorded: Goldie Plasmyre and William H. Plasmyre of Huntington County WD to Clarence Frank Kryder and Minnie V. Kryder, Lot 19 Blk 27 Forest Park Addition; signed 10/15/1919; subject to mortgage dated 8/7/1916


8/15/1916 Bayland Orphan Home check for real estate sold issued but never deposited

due 8/7/1923 in favor of the German American Trust Co

    A look behind the masks: The 1920s Ku Klux Klan in Monticello, Arkansas Donald Holley. Arkansas Historical Quarterly. Fayetteville: Summer 2001. Vol. 60, Iss. 2; pg. 131, 20 pgs Abstract (Article Summary) Full Text (7085 words) Copyright Arkansas Historical Association, Department of History, University of Arkansas Summer 2001" ON THE AFTERNOON OF TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, 1923, members of the Ku Klux Klan from southeast Arkansas gathered on an athletic field at the Fourth District State Agricultural School just south of Monticello." note 17 Monticello's Klan No. 108 was established in September 1922.

  • Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta "Branches were opened in Birmingham and Jacksonville The Nashville branch opened on August 1, 1918, and on October 21, 1919"

  • Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye (1919) ratified; end of German Austria banned unification efforts under Article 88

NEW ALBANY SEED COMPANY, INC. P O Box 4933, C/O Tax Dept, SYRACUSE, NY 13221 : 191796-031 Creation Date: 11/11/1919 : 3/10/1997 Other Names 1/21/1993 SCOTT SEED COMPANY INC (Former)

11/23/1919 Zapata County, Webb-Zapata Oil Company prepared to begin operations on Rio Grande Oil Company's lease.

11/25/1919 George W. Beers advertised bonds of International Cotton Mills, a Massachusetts corporation

12/1919 Sumitomo Corporation Established as Osaka Hokko Kaisha Ltd.

12/19/1919 Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail B9A-P13 SURVEY 12-19-1919 07:01 AM $0.00 1 page Parties STRAUSS BROS CO TO GROSVENOR, AW FROM Legals SEC: 24 TWP: 29 RNG: 14


Frank H. Kryder and Edith L. Kryder resided at 2017 St. Joe Boulevard; Frank was with Kryder and Ayers Realtors, Rooms 328-329 Utility Building, Fort Wayne, (Polk's reads, "Edward D. Ayears"); James B. White sold stock of the Shamrock Oil Company at $50.00/share; Shamrock was drilling on 2000 acres in Adams County

Staking of the Sigma and Lamaque orebodies, Val-d’Or, Quebec.

A cold storage company was set up in 1920 by Jardines Matheson, on the Shanghai river front under the Ewo banner

1/17/1920 Prohibition

3/12/1920 Robert Fleming Arrival Date: 12 Mar 1920 Estimated birth year: abt 1845 Age: 74 Years 11 Months Gender: Male Port of Departure: Southampton Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: Scottish (Scotish) Ship Name: Fort Victoria Search Ship Database: Search the Fort Victoria in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database Port of Arrival: New York, New York Nativity: Scotland Line: 11 Microfilm Serial: T715 Microfilm Roll: T715_2738 Birth Location: Scotland Birth Location Other: Dundee, Scotland Page Number: 73

THE AMERICAN SECURITY COMPANY OF CRAWFORDSVILLE : PO BOX 387 , CRAWFORDSVILLE, IN 47933 : 194004-122 Creation : 5/15/1920 Inactive : 11/28/1988

6/14/1920 Straus Brothers, Fort Wayne offered 7% preferred stock investment securities maturing every ten years. backed by "the same financial security enjoyed by the best industrial bonds."

The McMillen Co., 717 Davis St., just off west Main, sold Wayne Hog Feed

REALTORS INVESTMENT COMPANY : 191497-020 Creation : 7/9/1920 Inactive : 1/1/1970

STANDARD LOAN & SAVINGS ASSOC: 191499-005 Creation : 7/22/1920 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FARMERS STATE BANK : 191241-052 Creation : 9/17/1920 Inactive : 1/1/1975

THE BROADWAY STATE BANK : 191864-025 Creation : 10/28/1920 Inactive : 1/1/1975

WRIGHT REALTY COMPANY : 191875-028 Creation : 12/4/1920 Inactive : 1/1/1970

1921 Clarence F. Kryder a salesman for Kryder and Berry,328-329 Utility Building;

Henry C. Heinz was assistant cashier in Central Bank & Trust, Atlanta, Larkin H. Parris auditor.;

"In 1921 Jardines' cotton mills in China were amalgamated to form Ewo Cotton Mills, while the Ewo Press and Packing Company served this industry"

1921 Mitsubishi Internal Combustion Engine Manufacturing established; National City Bank, Indianapolis offered a 20 year first and refunding mortgage gold bond to yield about 7.1%

"Gunderson was a venerable company founded in 1919 as the Wire Wheel Sales and Service Co. by Chester E. Gunderson. He was joined four years later by his brother, Alvin E. Gunderson, and they incorporated in 1921. The original business sold and repaired both wood-spoked and wire wheels"

1/1/1921 Army cryptographic functions centralized in the Code and Cipher Section, established in the Office of the Chief Signal Officer (OCSO), January 1, 1921

FARMER'S FIRST TRUST COMPANY : 191884-009 Creation : 1/6/1921 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FARMERS TRUST COMPANY : 191887-002 Creation : 1/19/1921 Inactive : 1/1/1975

REALTY COMPANY OF INDIANA HA : 191886-036 Creation : 1/17/1921 Inactive : 1/1/1970

GUARANTY LOAN & TRUST COMPANY : 191895-012 Creation: 2/14/1921 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FARMERS STATE BANK : 191902-025 Creation : 3/16/1921 Inactive : 1/1/1975

INDIANA EQUITABLE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY : 191913-007 Creation : 4/19/1921 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FARMERS STATE BANK : , LOSANTVILLE, IN 47354 : 191913-012 Status: Merged Creation : 4/20/1921 Inactive : 11/24/1997

LINCOLN FINANCE COMPANY INC : 192834-086 Creation: 5/5/1921 Inactive : 1/1/1978

6/7/1921 Kryder and Kryder building permit for 2605 Forest Park Boulevard

U S GRAIN GROWERS INC : 191925-010 Creation : 6/24/1921 Inactive : 1/1/1970

FOREIGN FARMERS MUTUAL PHOSPATEC COMPANY : 191940-003 Creation : 7/7/1921 Inactive : 1/1/1975

TRANSITION BANK ASSET CORPORATION : 110 E WASHINGTON ST , INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46204 : 193068-078 Creation: 7/28/1921 Inactive : 2/13/1991 Other Names 7/28/1921 SPECIALIZED CREDIT SERVICES 12/2/1988 INDIANAPOLIS MORRIS PLAN INC 12/7/1988 IMPC BANK

7/29/1921 Adolf Hitler became leader of National Socialist 'Nazi' Party.

FARMERS STATE BANK : 191935-033 Creation : 8/3/1921 Inactive : 1/1/1970

8/19/1921 Kryder and Kryder built a residence and garage at 1801 Crescent Ave

9/12/1921 Clarence F. and Minnie V. Kryder, and Clyde E. and Daisy D. Kryder WD to Ethel Davis Lot 71 Driving Park Addition, subject to mortgage at First and Tri-State Loan and Trust


THE POLK COMPANY: 191946-007 Creation : 9/22/1921 Inactive : 1/1/1970

10/01/1921 Kryder and Berry announced formation of the first property management service in Fort Wayne, to be headed by Rufus R. Roth

CITIZENS BANK & TRUST COMPANY : 191959-002 Creation: 11/30/1921 Inactive: 1/1/1975

12/28/1921 Recorded Partnership of The Kryder Company Realtors, C. Frank and Frank H. Kryder, 305-306 Carroll Building; in Allen County Partner Book 2 p 31

Letter to Herbert Hoover from E. B. Moore, Baboquivari Mining and Milling Company, Tucson; December 28, 1921



Income in the United States, Its Amount and Distribution, 1909-1919 By National Bureau of Economic Research, 1922. Wesley Clair Mitchell, Willford Isbell King, Frederick Robertson Macaulay, Oswald Whitman Knauth; Table 17F- the problem of how to make the population more dependant on banking facilities; average of 6.66 employees per national bank in America.

Shell bought 25% of Union Oil of California 1922: Shell Union Oil Corporation formed to consolidate

Shell interests in the US with those of the Union Oil Company of Delaware;

The Kryder Company Realtors, C. Frank and Frank H. Kryder, 305-306 Carroll Building; Frank H. Kryder was Secretary Treasurer of the Fort Wayne Board of Realtors;

in Nebraska, Continental State Bank took over the deposits of American State Bank; Louisville, KY Lincoln Savings Bank and Trust changed name to Lincoln Bank and Trust Company- Continental National Bank was later a correspondent.

1/3/1922 Opening of new National City Bank in Indianapolis

PEOPLES LOAN AND TRUST COMPANY: 191969-036 Creation : 1/18/1922 Inactive : 1/1/1975

LYONS BANK & TRUST COMPANY: 191970-004 Creation: 1/20/1922 Inactive : 1/1/1975

1/14/1922 Robert Todd Lincoln resigned as Chairman of the Pullman Company;

CITIZENS TRUST COMPANY : 191971-020 Creation: 2/1/1922 Inactive: 1/1/1975

  • $500,000 6% Farm Loan Certificates secured by Straus guaranteed first farm mortgages, dated 2/1/1922, maturing 4/1/1932, Chicago Title and Trust Company, Trustee

FARMERS PRODUCE COMPANY : 110 BALL CT, SALEM, IN 47167 : 191977-007 Status: Active Creation : 2/24/1922

2/25/1922 Isaac Moss, Bridgeport, Connecticut manager, advertised that insurance companies had bought many Straus guaranteed farm mortgages for many years, and that "back of every Straus farm mortgage is a rich, productive farm." 7%

3/1/1922 Death of George W. Pixley, director of Tri-State Loan and Trust Company (aka Fort Wayne Trust Company), resident of Fort Wayne, Indiana and Lakeland, Florida

3/15/1922 Allen, IN B9B-P75 PLAT 03-15-1922 NORTH HIGHLANDS ADD TO Legals SEC: 34 TWP: 31 RNG: 12

FARMERS GRAIN DEALERS ASSOCI : 191985-018 Creation : 3/23/1922 Inactive : 1/1/1970

INDIANA FARM BUREAU COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION INC: 950 N MERIDIAN ST , INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46204 : 191987-029 Status: : Domestic Agricultural Coop Creation: 4/1/1922 Inactive : 9/1/1991

FLORA PRODUCE COMPANY : 191989-031 Creation: 4/7/1922 Inactive : 1/1/1970

CHESAPEAKE AND OHIO RAILWAY COMPANY : TERMINAL TOWER , CLEVELAND, OH : 191986-018 Creation : 4/21/1922 Inactive : 9/2/1987 : Original Creation State: VA

5/1/1922 New issue Federal Land Bank Bonds, due 5/1/1942

5/4/1922 Straus Brothers advertised Noble County, Indiana 5 % Road Bonds, maturing 5/15/ every four years, 1923-1942

FRUIT GROWERS EXPRESS COMPANY: 500 Water Street S/C J-160, JACKSONVILLE, FL 32202 : 191998-005 Active Creation : 5/16/1922 : Original Creation State: DE

WOODBURN STATE BANK : 194259-070 Creation : 5/17/1922 Inactive : 1/1/1970

5/8/1922 Kryders 1st Subdivision Plat

DEKALB ICE COMPANY : 191994-035 Creation : 5/9/1922 Inactive : 1/1/1970

F M KNIGHT REALTY COMPAN: 191999-037 Creation : 5/25/1922 Inactive : 1/1/70 See 1949 and 1978

7/19/1922 Recorded Plat of Hillcrest Groves, a subdivision of Sec 12 Twp 33 R 28E by Geo. E. Sebring Co., Sebring, Florida

July 1922- Charter of The Standard Insurance Company (later Aetna) in New York State.

NATIONAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 191989-034 Creation : 8/8/1922 Inactive : 1/1/1975

LINCOLN BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH BEND INDIANA 192024-022 Creation : 8/26/1922 Inactive 1/1/1975

8/29/1922 Recorded Clarence F. Kryder and Minnie V. Kryder WD to Thomas Butler and Flora Butler, Lot 3 in Kryder's Subdivision of Lots 26, 27, and 28 in Newhaus Addition, notarized by Robert G. Beams; Butler WD to Kryder Lot 7 and 8 and the N 5 feet of Lot 9 in Bayer's Addition

9/25/1922 John Fitzmaurice and Bessie Fitzmaurice WD Lot 11 Hough's Outlots to Clarence F. Kryder and Minnie V. Kryder

9/26/1922 J.F. Wild Co. offered $60,000 in tax exempt Lafayette Joint Stock Land Bank Bonds at 5 %

FORT WAYNE UNION RAILWAY COMPANY: c/o Norfolk Southern Corp, Law Dept. Three Commercial Place, NORFOLK, VA 23510: 192039-017 Creation : 1/11/1922 NOTE* Moody's Manuals say 10/11/1922 Inactive : 5/1/1990

  • Fort Wayne Union Railway was incorporated when a group of companies decided to operate a belt line. It was controlled by the Pennsylvania RR, NY, Chicago & St. Louis RR, Wabash RR, and NY Central RR.

10/17/1922 Kryders Add Plat

CITIZENS STATE BANK : WAYNE ST , WATERLOO, IN 46793 : 192040-014 : Merged Creation: 10/18/1922 Inactive: 1/1/1992

10/20/1922 Lot 7 Bayers Add Beams to Kryder

11/02/1922 Lloyd Hartzler was admitted to the Allen County Bar and practiced as an associate of Vesey & Vesey;  became corporation attorney for The Kryder Company, Inc. until the death of Clarence Kryder

KEENAN HOTEL REALTY COMPANY : 215 W WASHINGTON, FORT WAYNE, IN 46802 : 192049-012 Creation : 11/22/1922 Inactive: 7/31/1989

11/30/1922 Liberty Loan Bonds Series A, B, C, ]), B and F of the Victory Liberty Loan Bonds are called for payment December. 15. We will accept them for credit, on your savings account :it par plus accrued interest. War Saving Stamps Due January 2,1923, will also be credited lo your savings account here at par and accrued interest. THE DIME SAVINGS AND TRUST COMPANY COB. BERR.Y«o COURT STS. TORT WAYNE, IND.

WHITING MASONIC BUILDING ASSOCIATION : 192055-027 Creation : 12/2/1922 Inactive : 1/1/1978

IND STATE BANK 191933-017 Creation : 12/8/1922 Inactive : 1/1/1975

12/09/1922 Clarence and Minnie V. Kryder purchased Lots 1-60 W.H. Simons Addition, re-platted as Kryder's Addition for $12,000.00 from Mary L. Meyer, Willie H. Johnston and Emma J. Johnston; gold coin in hand; Recorded 1/4/1923

"On December 9, 1922, Gabriel Narutowicz, first President of Poland, ...was elected by the Polish parliament ...was sworn in on December 11. His election, by left, center, peasant and minorities deputies, roused the ire of the right, particularly the National Democrats, who emphasized that the MPs supporting Narutowicz had included Jews, and hence called the newly-elected head of state the "president of the Jews." On December 16, 1922, five days after his inauguration, while attending the opening of an art exhibition at Warsaw's ZachÄ™ta gallery, Narutowicz was shot to death by a National Democrat sympathizer, painter, art professor and critic, Eligiusz Niewiadomski...Narutowicz had from 1908 been a professor at the Zurich Polytechnic and had directed the construction of many hydroelectric plants in Western Europe..."

SHAW COAL COMPANY : 192056-025 Creation : 12/11/1922 Inactive : 1/1/1970

Vice-president and director of National City Bank in Indianapolis James M. M'Intosh shot himself around 12/11/1922

BALL CORPORATION : 10 LONGS PEAK DR., BROOMFIELD, CO 80021 : 194151-014 Status: Active Creation : 12/19/1922

  • HOBART M CABLE COMPANY THE : 192059-028 Creation : 12/19/1922 Inactive : 1/1/1970

12/31/1922 Ku Klux Klan organized parade through Gainesville, Florida.


"1923 saw the formation of the Jardine Engineering Company ('JEC') which played a large part in providing machinery, equipment and services for the growing infrastructure developments in Hong Kong and China"

"Val-d'Or is a city in Quebec, Canada .Gold was discovered there in 1923 Hockey Team "The Foreurs' mascot is called Dynamit, named after dynamite which was extensively used by the mining industry of Val d'Or. " Later, a regional nuclear fallout shelter was located there.

Indiana adopted the Gasoline Tax License law and established the office of the first state tax collector;

Congress passed The Agricultural Credit Act of 1923;

Federal Intermediate Credit Banks established;

Old-First National stockholders had the right to subscribe for $150,000 new stock; Many death claims from the flu epidemic of 1918-1919 took their toll on on Lincoln National Life Insurance Company. Stockholders took no dividends and the executive committe loaned $300,000.00 to the company. However, a dividend of 10% cash was paid on LNB capital to furnish the paid in capital for Lincoln National Company, which dealt in securities, 116 East Berry Street.Lincoln National Life Insurance moved from its home at 215 East Berry Street, to 1303 South Harrison Street. Arthur Fletcher Hall was President; "In 1923, Aetna launched its first multiline national consumer advertising campaign;"

Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923

Recorded 1/4/1923 12/09/1922 Clarence and Minnie V. Kryder purchased Lots 1-60 W.H. Simons Addition, re-platted as Kryder's Addition for $12,000.00 from Mary L. Meyer, Willie H. Johnston and Emma J. Johnston; gold coin in hand;

(Equitable Life occupied the "Elektron Building") EQUITABLE INVESTMENT CORP : 192066-039 Creation : 1/16/1923 Inactive: 1/1/1975

1/24/1923 Kryders Addition Extended Plat

1/26/1923 Kryders 2nd Subdivision Plat

STANDARD BUILDING COMPANY INC : 215 E Berry Street, FORT WAYNE, IN 46802: 194235-142 Creation : 01/31/1923 Inactive : 12/31/1987 (According to its Articles, The Standard Building Company, Inc. was incorporated to hold Title to Lot 95 Original Plat and to lease the building on Lot 95, Original Plat, or 215 E Berry St.. The original paid in capital was $350,000.00. There are no Annual Reports or any filings after 1967 with the Indiana Secretary of State. The 60-year corporate rental account was unaccounted for in 1983 when Helmke paid off stockholders. The majority of the Standard Building stock shares were said to be owned by an expired 1931 corporation which was then said to be owned by accountant Clem Drees and Lincoln National Bank Trust Department. Though the corporation was liquidated in 1983, it did not dissolve till 1987).

  • TRAVELERS MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF INDIANA : 192073-020 Creation : 1/31/1923 Inactive : 1/1/1975 (John D. Hough)

LINCOLN MORTGAGE AND TITLE GUARANTEE CO: 192073-036 Creation : 2/1/1923 Inactive : 1/1/1975

INSURANCE DEPARTMENT UNITED STATES TRUST COMPANY : 192079-010 Creation : 2/21/1923 Inactive : 1/1/1975

  • EVANSVILLE PUMP & MANUFACTURING COMPANY : 192079-008 Creation : 2/21/1923 Inactive: 1/1/1975

SOUTH BEND BUILDING SECURITIES CO : 192092-015 Creation : 3/21/1923 Inactive : 1/1/1975

OAKLAND CITY COAL RAILROAD : 192094-025 Creation : 3/30/1923 Inactive : 1/1/1975

ROOT OIL COMPANY : 192094-033 Creation : 3/31/1923 Inactive : 1/1/1975

4/24/1923 Announcements published bearing information from J.W. Daniels, Pres., about stock offerings of the new Archer-Daniels- Midland Company, available until May 1926, transfer agent The Seaboard National Bank of the City of New York

5/28/1923 "The Indiana Service Corporation, which was Incorporated on J^n, 16, 1920, in Indiana, is the successor to" the old Fort Wayne & Northern' Indiana Traction Company, which went into the hands of a receiver. The old Fort. Wayne & Northenaflndfana Traction Company was bid in at the receiver's sale for 11.300.000 by the bondholders' protective committee, which represented the holders of the bonds of the old concern. The assets of the Indiana Service Corporation are in. excels of tlS.OOO,- 000, of which over $14,000,000 consist* of iplant and property.

5/31/1923 FORT WAYNE IN MIDST OF GREATEST BUILDING BOOM FORT WATNE. Ind., May 31.—-Buildingactivities in Fort Wayne established an unprecedented record during the month ending today."

6/01/1938; 6/01/1923 bonds of Allied Realty Company, J.F. Wild & Co.

AETNA REALTY COMPANY: 192114-034 Creation : 6/2/1923 Inactive : 1/1/1978

6/08/1923 Will of Geo. E. Sebring created.

SHEPARD BROKERAGE CO., INC. Legal SHEPARD & FRENCH COMPANY, INC. Prev Legal KRYDER-SHEPARD & FRENCH INC. Prev Legal THE KRYDER-SHEPARD COMPANY, INCORPORATED Creation Date: 6/12/1923 Dissolve Date: 12/11/1936 State of Business.: MO Expiration Date: 06/12/1973

INDIANA INDUSTRIAL LAND CO : 192122-018 Creation : 6/20/1923 Inactive : 1/1/1975

06/22/1923 "Women of the Ku Klx Klan" organized in Washington, DC.; headquarters later at Little Rock, AK

8/16/1923 Newspapers reported that Klan Trustees planned to take over Valparaiso university to improve it and found a national institution


9/8/1923 Newspapers reported that Trustees of Valparaiso University denied the Klan had taken over though interest had been expressed.

10/3/1923 Plat of Waynedale Gardens

Robert J. Brewton, "The Oil King of Florida" Declaration of Trust INDIAN PRAIRIE OIL & GAS COMPANY % FAIRFAX T. HASKINS, ESQ. HIGHLANDS BANK & TRUST BLDG SEBRING FL Filed 10/08/1923 State FL Status ACTIVE (43,000 Florida acres of Geo. Sebring Company was sold to Haskins for $50.00 upon liquidation of his estate)


Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail B10B-P79-A SURVEY 10/22/1923 07:01 AM $0.00 1 page Parties PT SEC 33 T31N R12E TO HOFER, AK FROM Legals SEC: 33 TWP: 31 RNG: 12

BLACK AND WHITE CAB COMPANY : 192149-024 Creation : 10/24/1923 Inactive : 1/1/1970

FARMERS AND MERCHANTS MUTUAL INSURANCE CO : 192152-039 Creation : 11/5/1923 Inactive : 1/1/1975

11/13/1923 B10B-P84-B BASS & HANNAS ADD LOT 11 TO SURVEY

MARKLE STATE BANK : 192159-022 Creation : 11/26/1923 Inactive : 1/1/1975

11/27/1923 Dedication Ceremony for new Lincoln National Life Insurance Building "At the banquet to be beld on the night of Nov. 7, the speakers will Inrlnde Oliver Thurman. agency manager of the Mutual Benefit Life (see Geo. E. Sebring life insurance policy)

12/23/1923 Canadian Bank of Commerce acquired Canadian Bank of Hamilton, Hamilton

INDIANA FARM BUREAU DAIRY AN : 192164-012 Creation : 12/31/1923 Inactive : 1/1/1970

  • INDIANA TRUCKS INCORPORATED Number: F00005809 Creation : 12/31/1923 State of Business.: IN Expiration : 07/24/1978 Agent : BOAZ B. WATKINS Office Address: BOATMAN'S BANK BUILDING ST. LOUIS MO


The Kryder Company Realtors 224 E Berry Street, Fort Wayne, IN; construction began on Fort Wayne Union Railway- First National was Trustee for the bonded debt due September 1, 1974. Death of Harrison W. Kryder; "By 1924, Aetna had 43% of its assets — $94 million — invested in the breadbasket of the country."; "By 1924, Aetna's property and casualty affiliates also included the Automobile Insurance Company and the Standard Fire Insurance Company"; "Ashland Refining Company of Ashland, Ky., founded as a refining arm of Swiss Oil Company of Lexington";

D.C. Stephenson, a printer for Texas, came to Indiana and built the Ku Klux Klan to 350,000- in 1924 they took over the Republican party and elected Ed Jackson Governor.The preceeding Indiana Governor Warren McCray had already been convicted of mail fraud;

11/29/1930 Lincoln National Bank, Newark NJ chartered 1924 and Colonial Trust Company organized 1927;

First National Company organized;

1/03/1924 A.O.I. The World Fire and Marine Insurance Company, Hartford, CT (Aetna)

"January 15, 1924, Charles B. Brewer, Special Assistant to the Attorney General, submitted a report to the Attorney General charging that there had been fraudulent duplications or overissues of certain Government bonds, that Treasury Department officials had suppressed information concerning the matter, and that there was fraud or carelessness in the handling of securities after retirement." -U.S. Archives

2/12/1924 Cosmopolitan Trust Company, Providence, RI merged into Lincoln Trust Company, Providence

The Massachusetts Investment Trust, considered to be the first mutual fund, began


WABASH CABINET AND CASKET CO : 192187-007 Creation : 3/8/1924 Inactive : 1/1/1970

UNION BANK & TRUST COMPANY: 192194-025 Creation : 3/19/1924 Inactive: 1/1/1975

  • THE STATE BANK OF WESTFIELD : 192194-023 Creation : 3/19/1924 Inactive : 1/1/1975

HUFCOR INC. : 2101 Kennedy Road, P.O. Box 591 , JANESVILLE, WI 53545 : 192193-010 Creation : 3/21/1924 Inactive : 9/28/1999 : Original Creation State: CT Other Names: 4/7/1989 HOUGH MANUFACTURING CORPORATION

THE AUBURN STATE BANK , AUBURN, IN 46706 : 192198-030 Status: Merged Creation : 4/2/1924 Inactive : 11/30/1998

4/21/1924 Patrick E. Crowley elected president of the New York Central

Occupied Harder-Hall Building "Tropical State Bank" formerly; Florida Profit BARNETT BANK OF HIGHLANDS COUNTY 231 S. RIDGEWOOD DRIVE P.O. BOX 1947 SEBRING FLA 33870 MAILING ADDRESS P. O. BOX 30318 P.O. BOX 1947 TAMPA FL 33630-3318 US Filed 06/11/1924

  • ARMORED CAR COMPANY : AT SYSTEMS CENTRAL, INC. : PO BOX 32930, LOUISVILLE, KY 40232 : 1993110504 Status: Active Creation : 11/12/1993 : Original Creation Date: 7/8/1924 Original Creation State: KY

STANDARD FOURTH VEIN COAL CO : 192220-019 Creation: 6/20/1924 Inactive : 1/1/1970

THE FORT WAYNE LEASEHOLD CORPORATION: 2100 FORT WAYNE BANK BLDG, FORT WAYNE, IN 46802 : 194155-116 Status: Voluntarily Dissolved Creation Date: 7/18/1924 Inactive Date: 1/13/1992

DUBOIS COUNTY FARM BUREAU, INC. : 1217 WERNSING RD, JASPER, IN 47546 : 192227-007 Status: Active : : 7/22/1924

8/30/1924 German Imperial Railway Company (a private company) formed

FARMERS MERCHANTS STATE BANK : 192236-021 Creation : 9/3/1924 Inactive : 1/1/1975

10/9/1924 Plat of Waynedale Gardens 2nd Adddtion

11/09/1924 Mathias Knecht transferred his interest in Waynedale to C.F. Kryder while Kryder became Trustee also for Kirkpatrick, Hodson, Burns: Allen Co. Deed Bk 292 p 53-4 & 55.

  • d. Henry Cabot Lodge; apprentice of The Senate Four
November 9: 1924-1945 celebrated. Commemorates the "Day of Blood" on which the Beerhall Putsch takes Place.
  • "This was a terrorist action inspired by Castro’s idol, Hitler, and his insane attack on the War Ministry in Munich on November 9, 1924, which made him a national figure in Germany"

12/31/1924 Standard Bank of Canada acquired Sterling Bank of Canada, Toronto

WOMEN OF THE KU KLUX KLAN : 192265-011 Creation : 12/31/1924 Inactive : 1/1/1978


Standard Oil of Indiana acquired controlling interest in Pan American Petroleum and Transport Company; The Kryder Company Realtors occupied Rooms 202-203 Standard Building;

2/6/1925 Plat of Fairfield Terrace Sec A

CAL-WAYNE REALTY COMPANY: 192296-001 Creation : 3/27/1925 Inactive : 1/1/1975

04/01/1925 B11B-P59-A BITTLERS SUB TO PLAT

4/25/1925 Prairie Oil and Gas bought Shamrock Oil of Wichita Falls, Kansas for $2,000,000



GERMAN-AMERICAN BLDG LOAN & SAVINGS ASSOC : 192362-011 Creation : 8/19/1925 Inactive: 1/1/1975

NORTH AMERICAN PIONEER OCEAN TO OCEAN TOURIST AND TRAVELERS : 192365-001 Creation : 9/5/1925 Inactive : 1/1/1975

Leonce Picot Arrival Date: 6 Sep 1925 Estimated birth year: 1886 Age: 39 Gender: Male Port of Departure: Havana, Cuba Ship Name: Pastores Search Ship Database: Search the Pastores in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database Port of Arrival: New York, New York NATIVITY: New Jersey Line: 12 Microfilm Serial: T715 Microfilm Roll: T715_3714 Birth Location: New Jersey Birth Location Other: South Orange Page Number: 5


TWIN BRANCH RAILROAD COMPANY: ATTN:TAX DEPARTMENT ONE SUMMIT SQUARE, P O BOX 60, FORT WAYNE, IN 46801 : 192371-027 Creation : 10/1/1925 Inactive : 3/31/1990

PUBLIC BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION : 192376-005 Creation 10/14/1925 Inactive : 1/1/1975

Barnett Bank of Highlands County 60 South Ridgewood Drive Sebring,FL 33870 FDIC Certificate #: 9623 Established: 10/27/1925

SUPERIOR METAL PRODUCTS COMPANY : 192383-020 Creation: 11/6/1925 Inactive : 1/1/1975

11/25/1925 Indiana Klan leader D.C. Stephenson was convicted and given a life sentence for an attack on Madge Oberholtzer, on a train, who survived the attack but died of poison she swallowed afterward. He implicated high ranking Indiana officials for a plea agreement.Stephenson had been a dominating influence in Hoosier politics and boasted he was "the law" in Indiana.


Aetna's "debacle of the Automobile Insurance Company was an event that left its scars on the young president...A casualty affiliate had contributed to the spectacular growth of Aetna during the early years of Brainard's tenure, with premium income almost tripling from $11 million in 1922 to $30 million in 1924. But improper management in the marine department, irresponsible risk selection and unchecked expansion undermined the financial soundness of the company. By 1926, it was clear that the organization was undercapitalized, and that bankruptcy was a real possibility"; Aetna confronted farm mortgage crisis by entering farm management business. "the post-war agricultural sector collapsed, and land values plummeted to, in some cases, a quarter of their wartime highs. Farmers could no longer meet their financial obligations, and Aetna was reluctantly forced to foreclose on an increasing number of mortgages...The company would fix up the properties, lease them to tenants, and wait until prices rose to a more acceptable level before selling. Unfortunately for Aetna, due to the extended economic downturn caused by the Depression, the company ended up managing these properties far longer than it had anticipated. "- excerpt from a History of Aetna

Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin adopted the name Leslie Charteris

The Ku Klux Klan appeared at the Interurban Terminal in Fort Wayne

1/4/1926 Plat of Waynedale Gardens 2nd Addtion Ext.


CENTRAL GARY REALTY COMPANY : 192407-022 Creation : 2/8/1926 Inactive : 1/1/1970

ROYAL BUILDING AND REALTY CO : 192413-010 Creation : 2/20/1926 Inactive : 1/1/1970

DUNES HIGHWAY REALTY COMPANY : 192413-007 Date: 2/20/1926 Inactive : 1/1/1970

03/20/1926 B12A-P35 SUMMIT PLACE TO PLAT

3/23/1926 North American Car Corp incorporated in Illinois for the purpose of owning and leasing fleets of railroad cars;

LIGONIER SHIPPING ASSOCIATIO: 192425-006 Creation : 3/27/1926 Inactive: 1/1/1970

JOHANN REALTY CORP : 192159-017 Creation : 3/30/1926 Inactive : 1/1/1975

3/31/1926 Two Mortgages executed by Northern Finance Company to the Tri-State Loan and Trust Company; later reassigned to Old-First National Bank and Trust Company of Fort Wayne; see conveyance of title to Lot (50) Romy's Subdivision of Hanna's Park Outlots by Clarence F. Kryder, Tr, dated 1/21/1936; recorded May 26, 1936

  • DAYTONA PINES CO Filed 03/31/1926 State FL DISSOLVED 11/23/1936

INDUSTRIAL LAND COMPANY : 192425-026 Creation: 4/1/1926 Inactive : 1/1/1975

JASPER COUNTY FARM BUREAU : 192427-032 Creation : 4/4/1926 Inactive: 1/1/1975

ALLEN COUNTY PRODUCERS ASSOC : 192438-018 Creation : 5/6/1926 Inactive : 1/1/1970

HARRISON THEATRE AND REALTY COMPANY : 192444-018 Creation : 5/26/1926 Inactive : 1/1/1970

GRAHAM REALTY COMPANY : 192447-038 Creation : 6/11/1926 Inactive: 1/1/1970

7/26/1926 Death of Robert Todd Lincoln, who directed that the Lincoln files he willed to the people not be revealed until 21 years after his death. Though his mother had died "penniless," pall bearers for Lincoln's last son included Norman Frost and Frederick Towers, two lawyers for the Lincoln Estate.

KIRKPATRICK BUILDING COMPAN : 192465-026 Creation : 7/28/1926 Inactive : 1/1/1970

8/5/1926 Hammond: "Fort Wayne—Fort Wayne Storage company to erect $100,000 warehouse, in this cltv."

Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail B12A-P49 SURVEY 08-06-1926 07:01 AM $0.00 1 page Parties WAYNEDALE GARDENS SECOND ADD LOT 185 TO BURNS, WILLIAM A TO DARLING, ORIN M FROM Legals SEC: 18 TWP: 30 RNG: 12

AMERICAN TRUST COMPANY : 192470-011Creation : 8/12/1926 Inactive : 1/1/1975

Leonce L Picot Arrival Date: 1 Sep 1926 Estimated birth year: 1886 Age: 39 Gender: Male Port of Departure: New York Via,Qc Ship Name: Munargo Search Ship Database: Search the Munargo in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database Port of Arrival: New York, New York NATIVITY: New Jersey Line: 11 Microfilm Serial: T715 Microfilm Roll: T715_3916 Birth Location: New Jersey Birth Location Other: South Orange Page Number: 157

HERITAGE BANK & TRUST COMPANY : PO BOX 98 , DARLINGTON, IN 47940 : 192488-011 Status: Merged Creation : 10/7/1926 Inactive Date: 4/4/2003 Other Names 7/19/1988 FARMERS & MERCHANTS STATE BANK

MUTUAL PROTECTIVE ORDER OF C : 192485-020 Creation : 10/26/1926 Inactive : 1/1/1970

10/27/1926 Allen, IN Land Records Search Document Detail B13A-P29 PLAT 10-27-1926 07:01 AM $0.00 4 pages Parties GRABILL (PLAT OF TOWN) TO

BALL BROTHERS FOUNDATION INC : PO BOX 1408, MUNCIE, IN 47308 : 192498-032 Status: Active Creation : 11/19/1926



ESQUIRE; MEET THE TIGER by Leslie Charteris

Fort Wayne-Lima Railroad mortgage bonds sold by Frank Cutshall

1/1/1927 American Trust Company (The Accumulating Fund Assn. 1854);

Kansas City, Memphis & Birmingham Railroad Company Pint Mortgage 5% Bonds, 1887-1927

Old-First National Company, 127 West Berry, was incorporated 3/2/1927 as "The Old National Securities Company." Old-National Securities was an affiliate of The Old National Bank of Fort Wayne, specializing in real estate and mortgages. S. B. Bechtel was a Director and it was during this time Stephen D. Bechtel foresaw the future of energy which eventually caused him to steer his father's company into pipeline construction; Colonial Trust Company organized 1927.

The Bro. of Locomotive Engineers hired Claudius H. Huston, who became active in the presidential campaign of 1928 as a "financial doctor."

1/03/1927 The German-American Savings Bank incorporated in Los Angeles.

Estate of George E. Sebring who died 1/04/1927; Contained only two life insurance policies, Prudential and United Mutual Benefit, which were directed to be invested in municipal and government bonds for interest to support his widow. All realty of the Sebring company was sold to his lawyer for $50.00

ASSOCIATED THEATRE OWNERS OF INDIANA: 192535-031 Creation : 3/11/1927 Inactive: 1/1/1978 (see Tropical Securities Corporation, FL (Barnett Bank)

EATON CANNING COMPANY THE : 192537-004 Creation: 3/14/1927 Inactive : 1/1/1970

UNION RURAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOC : 192549-019 Creation : 4/8/1927 Inactive : 1/1/1975


(Angola State Bank) NORWEST BANK ANGOLA : 100 W MAUMEE, ANGOLA, IN 46703 : 192555-031 Creation : 4/22/1927 Inactive : 2/9/1996

NEW YORK CENTRAL LINES CREDI : 192556-015 Creation : 4/26/1927 Inactive : 1/1/1970

  • 4/26/1927 State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co

Chesapeake Corporation incorporated in May to buy the C&O as a subsidiary of the Nickel Plate

FARMERS STATE BANK : 192567-034 Creation Date: 6/6/1927 Inactive : 1/1/1975

6/18/1927 Bro. of L. E. planned an affiliation with Mitten Management of Philadelphia to create a great chain of railway banks.

GENERAL CABLE CORPORATION ME : 192565-011 Creation : 6/13/1927 Inactive : 1/1/1970

6/24/1927 THE CERTIFIED OIL COMPANY 126847 Corporation For Profit Jun 24 1927

7/7/1927 Straus Brothers Company offered 6%-6 1/2% bonds for July funds, secured by income producing properties, "desirably located in Middle-west cities."

FIRST STATE BANK : 192584-035 Creation : 7/27/1927 Inactive : 1/1/1975

8/5/1927 The Indianapolis Star printed announcement that state bank examiners had closed the $7,000,000 J.F. Wild Company, the largest state bank in Indiana and the oldest bond house in Indiana. J.F. Wild, president, blamed the closing on the theft of $275,000 Liberty Bonds the previous November

ALGERS WINSLOW AND WESTERN RAILWAY COMPANY Entity Address: 1847 W. SR 64, P. O. BOX 188, OAKLAND CITY, IN 47550 : 192595-037 Status: Merged Creation : 9/7/1927 Inactive : 4/11/2007

Bank of America Monaco Coach / Airplane Lease: that certain Aircraft Lease Agreement, dated April 11, 2007 with Bank of America, N.A., successor in interest to General Electric Capital Corporation, for Gulf Stream Aerospace, Model G-IV Aircraft.

9/09/1927 D.C. Stephenson implicated Indiana officials- indicted for political corruption were Governor Ed Jackson, Indianapolis Mayor John L. Duvall, the chairman of the Marion County Republican Committee George V. Coffin, and the Governor's former law partner Robert I. Marsh.

AGROKEY COOPERATIVE, INC. : PO Box 238 , RENSSELAER, IN 47978 : 192606-002 Status: Active Creation: 10/10/1927 Other Names 1/1/2005 JASPER COUNTY FARM BUREAU COOPERATIVE ASSOC INC

11/05/1927 Lincoln Interstate Holding Company incorporated in New Jersey.

FARM BUREAU : WESTLAND CO-OP, INC. Entity Address: PO Box 432, CRAWFORDSVILLE, IN 47933 : 192617-007 Status: Active Creation : 11/22/1927 Other Names ) 6/21/1988 MONTGOMERY COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OPERATIVE ASSN' INC (Former) 12/4/1998 HEARTLAND CO-OP, INC.

AMERICAN GENERAL FINANCE CORPORATION : 601 NW SECOND ST, EVANSVILLE, IN 47708 : 192864-040 Status: Active Creation : 12/22/1927 Other Names 3/20/1989 CREDITHRIFT FINANCIAL CORPORATION

12/31/1927 B12B-P101-A BASS & HOUGHS ADD LOT 6 TO SURVEY



Simon Templar "The Saint" first appeared in 1928 in Charteris' third novel,"Meet the Tiger."

Allied Van Lines was founded as a "non-profit" organization to assist independent movers;

2/14/1928 $100,000,000 bond issue for Baer Field, "a municipal airport dedicated to national defense"

MID-WEST FARMERS PROTECTIVE: 192653-006 Creation : 3/10/1928 Inactive : 1/1/1970

4/02/1928 Under a declaration of trust, Lincoln Mutual Investment Trust was organized with Loomis, Sayles & Co. investment counsel and trustees.

UNDERWRITERS INSURANCE AGENCY INC : 192663-011 Creation : 4/14/1928 Inactive : 1/1/1975

4/14/1928 Kryders 3rd Subdivision Plat

4/20/1928 Bankamerica Corp. (see 11/1950 Pepsi-bottlers Los Angeles, Blair Holding Corp.) )

4/21/1928 Lincoln Trust Company merged into Lincoln National Bank, Fort Wayne IN

4/25/1928 Farmers State Bank purchased W.F. Spooner's insurance business

Lloyd S. Hartzler in May, 1928, withdrew from Vesey & Vesey to join the law firm of Teeter & Hartzler.


6/16/1928 Mortgage executed by Clarence F. Kryder and Minnie V. Kryder to Tri-State Loan and Trust Company; assigned to Old First National Bank and Trust Company of Fort Wayne 6/18/1928; fully paid and satisfied 2/13/1935; document recorded 3/5/1935


CONSOLIDATED PAPER COMPANY : 4115 PAPER PLACE P O BOX 1720 , FORT WAYNE, IN 46801 : 192693-018 Creation : 7/23/1928 Inactive: 5/18/1998

DUBOIS COUNTY FARM BUREAU COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION, INC. : P.O. BOX 420 , HUNTINGBURG, IN 47542 : 192696-016 Active Agricultural Coop Creation: 8/3/1928

8/5/1928 Investigators found International Life Insurance Company to be short $3,500,000 in securities

8/15/1928 North American Funding was incorporated in Delaware to enable Morris Plan Banks to make amortized first mortgage loans for the building or purchase of small homes.

MAJESTIC CHINA CO 192710-013 Creation e: 9/25/1928 Inactive e: 1/1/1975

10/20/1928 North American Reassurance incorporated.

10/23/1928 Straus Bros. (Wisconsin) advertised its "seven times" managing to make progress since its founding as a small pre-Civil War country bank in Ligonier, Indiana, despite seven national crises of war and panic.

STANDARD BOTTLING COMPANY : 192716-040 Creation : 10/24/1928 Inactive : 1/1/1970

GT FINANCE COMPANY: 1333 BREWERY PARK BLVD , DETROIT, MI 48207: 191129-006 Creation : 11/1/1928 Inactive : 9/7/1995 Other Names 11/5/1993 GRAND TRUNK WESTERN RAILROAD COMPANY

11/3/1928 Canadian Bank of Commerce acquired Standard Bank of Canada, Toronto


11/30/1928 Ohio potteries merger announced

12/06/1928 North American Aviation, Inc., was formed as a holding company in Delaware, incorporated in Indiana in 1967. ;




The Saint appeared again in a magazine called "The Thriller" as leader of an organization known as The Five Kings

Agricultural Marketing Act

Production began at the Siscoe mine, Val-d’Or, Quebec.

.Indiana enacted a chain store tax;

Continental Oil company merged with portions of Rocky Mountain (a former component of Standard Oil) and Marland;

First National Bank was called First and Tri-State Bank which upon consolidation with Tri-State Loan and Trust Company merged into Old National Bank;

The Kryder Company Realtors 224 E Berry- Frank H. Kryder conveyed Lot 52 and Lot 78, Original Plat of Waynedale to Wayne School Township, Allen County Official Record Book 321 p 294; F. H. Kryder conveyed Lot 83 Kryder's Addition to Lauren O.King.

Star Financial Bank, Columbia City, Indiana 102 West Van Buren Street Columbia City,IN 46725 FDIC Certificate #: 5780 Date Established: 1/1/1929

WINONA RAILROAD CO: 192743-019 Creation : 1/7/1929 Inactive : 1/1/1970

Northwest Bancorporation ( The Central Company) was organized 1/24/1929 to acquire controlling interests in banks, trust companies, and various financial institutions.

1/26/1929 Alleghany Corporation in Maryland to hold Van Sweringen stock in the Nickel Plate, Chesapeake Corporation, Erie and C&O, and part of the Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway

2/11/1929 Prince John of Liechtenstein died in his palace in Troppan, Czechoslavakia

  • The Indiana Oil and Gas Co., of New York, acquired the Grayburg Oil Company in San Antonio, Texas
  • In St. Louis, the First National Bank and the Liberty Central Trust Company of St. Louis merged to form the largest bank west of the Mississippi

2/14/1929 leading British Scottish and American investment trust heads planned the largest International investment trust ever, with capital of about $1,000,000,000

HOOSIER CORN TURNER COMPANY : 192164-005 Creation : 3/4/1929 Inactive : 1/1/1970

  • HOOSIER CORN TURNER CO : 192764-005 Creation : 3/4/1929 Inactive : 1/1/1975

3/12/1929 Death of Asa G. Candler, founder of Coca-Cola Company, the Central Bank and Trust of Atlanta, and the Realty Trust Company of Atlanta

3/25/1929 The Nebraska State Bank merged with Continental State.

April 1929 National City Bank acquired control of Farmers Loan and Trust Company.

STOCK YARDS BANK & TRUST COMPANY : 1040 E Main St , LOUISVILLE, KY 40206 : 192779-022 : Merged: Creation : 4/17/1929 Inactive : 5/29/1998

WATERFIELD AND COMPANY INCOR : 192779-032 Creation : 4/19/1929 Inactive : 1/1/1970

4/26/1929 Ohio National Life increase stock

05/01/1929 First National Insurance Company of America A.O.I., WA

LOOP REALTIES INCORPORATED Entity Address: PO BOX 960, N 8622-031, FORT WAYNE, IN 46801 General Entity Information: Control Number: 192788-026 Status: Active Entity Type: For-Profit Domestic Corporation Entity Creation Date: 5/14/1929 Kilbourne and Perry

TRI-STATE FRUIT GROWERS ASSO: 192789-019 Creation : 5/20/1929 Inactive : 1/1/1970

  • PENN FINANCE AND BUILDING CO : 192789-020 Creation : 5/20/1929 Inactive : 1/1/1975

06/01/1929 Continental State Bank (Nebraska) received its national bank charter and became "The Continental National Bank of Lincoln."

RAYTHEON ENGINEERS & CONSTRUCTORS, INC.: 30 S. 17th St., PHILADELPHIA, PA 19101 : 192795-001 Status: Merged Creation : 6/5/1929 Inactive : 12/27/2000

FIRST COMMERCIAL BANK: 192762-008 Creation : 6/26/1929 Inactive : 1/1/1975

  • Florida EQUITABLE FINANCE & REALTY CORPORATION Number 120263 Filed 06/26/1929 DISSOLVED 05/16/1949

08/1929 The Continental National received the charter for its trust department which remained idle until 1931.

8/12/1929 NEW FEDERAL BUILDING FOR FORT WAYNE, Aug. 12.—CUP! —Plans for construction work In several Indiana cities was revealec by a business and industrial surve; of the state for the past week. Acquisition of an entire block In Fort Wayne for the construction of $401,250 federal building, has been approved by the United States treasury department

  • GUARANTY COMPANY OF NEW YORK : 191368-018 Creation : 8/12/1929 Inactive : 1/1/1975
  • "Fort Wayne — The bankrupt Wayne machinery company was sold this week to C. L. Schust, Walter Meyer and Clifford Lern for $24,100. They plan to carry on a used farm implement business under the name of the Indiana Machinery company."

8/14/1929 Fairfield Terr. Sec. A Amended Plat


AMERICAN SECURITY CORPORATION : 601 NW SECOND , EVANSVILLE, IN 47708 : 192814-049 Creation: 8/24/1929 Inactive: 10/1/1989

10/2/1929 Toronto.—"It is reported that a party of officials accompanied by a prominent engineer are leaving to examine results of recent development at Siscoe mine"

SELECTED SHARES CORPORATION : 192817-013 Creation : 10/5/1929 Inactive : 1/1/1970

10/22/1929- Wall Street panic caused by heavy margin calls and call loans

10/24/1929- Stock sales led to crash

11/01/1929 MID Disbanded November 1, 1929, after Secretary of State Henry Stimson withdrew State Department funding of the activity

NORTH AMERICA UTILITIES CORP OF INDIANA : 192822-055 Creation : 11/4/1929 Inactive : 1/1/1975

11/16/1929 Lincoln National Bank and Trust Company, Syracuse, NY was chartered as The Industrial Bank of New York.

THE ODD FELLOW MUTUAL BENEFIT ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED: 192823-074 Creation : 12/4/1929 Inactive : 1/1/1975

FIRST AND TRI-STATE CORPORAT (See also 1940 First and Tri-State National Bank and Trust was Fort Wayne's largest bank until 1933. It did not re-open after the "bank holiday" but became Old-First National. Tri-State Loan and Trust mortgages for home purchasers in Kryder's Additions 1, 2, and 3 were assigned to Old-First National. Legal Name: FIRST AND TRI-STATE CORPORAT : 192823-098 Creation : 12/11/1929 Inactive : 01/01/1970

12/20/1929 Driving Park Add Ext

(Fort Wayne Bank Building, Inc.) CITIES SERVICE OIL COMPANY : PO BOX 300 , TULSA, OK : 192818-059 Creation : 12/26/1929 Inactive : 7/31/1989

p.2 1930-1970 ||p.1 1739 through 1929| p.2 1930-1970 | p.3 1970 to present


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